Improve your Football Betting strategies in 2020

football betting strategies 2020

Each week, 1000’s of punter’s will hit up their local bookmaker in hopes to outsmart the odds and walk away with a nice cash profit. Whether you’re in it to back your favourite team or invest your money into a profitable long-term strategy, we all have one thing in common… And that’s to gain the advantage over the bookmaker. This article will highlight some key strategies and advice that can assist you in avoiding some common bad habits.

Bankroll Management

One of the most current issues in football gambling and sports betting, in general, is the lack of money management control. If you’re in it for the long run, setting aside a certain amount of money and repeating your stake amount on each bet could be your difference in profit/loss. Long term bettor’s success can just as, if not, more dependent on how they manage their bankroll.

The most common mistake for bettors is to place a higher amount on one game than they usually would. This could be down to strong feelings or emotions fading their judgement.

This method can obviously land a couple of winning bets. But over time your long term losses with higher stakes will damage your return of investment in the long-run.

betting systems

Unit System – An easy to way to begin controlling your bankroll is to set aside X amount of money and divide it into units. Each bet you place should never exceed 2/3% of your total bankroll, allocating a certain amount of money per unit depending on how much you’re willing to invest or have already won. This strategy can help bettors manage their loss when feeling stronger on certain bets over others. Staking between 1-3 units usually with a 1 unit stake represent low confidence and 3 units showing that it’s a confident bet.

If for example, you wanted to start betting on football and you could spare £1000. 1% (1u) of your bankroll would represent £10, 2% (2u) £20 etc. Therefore, you’re boosting your chances at a slow growth in profit over time; opposed to making a fast pound with huge risk.

Having patience is key, adjusting your stake size with your bankroll combined is the perfect start to begin profiting from sports betting long-term. Of course, it doesn’t guarantee profit nor does it mean you’ll be rich one day.

It is though the most crucial asset to abide by if you face any chance at becoming a profiting gambler. And most importantly, when the bad streaks happen your initial investment will always be protected if the risk is limited.

Finding the best Bookmaker

Another crucial aspect to sports gambling long-term is by finding the best available value for your bet. In 2020, the market can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing to those looking for a bookie to place a bet with.

Find The Best Bookmakers

Comparison sites are used for Cars, Holidays, Insurance, and near enough all-important life expenses. Using your hard earning money at the bookmaker is no different. Using the #1 Odd’s comparison website ‘Sportsbook Review’ would be the easiest method to approach when shopping for the best available odds.

Along with all the latest information and odds you can also find some valuable betting predictions. SBR will provide a list of odd’s from all of the world’s leading bookies, giving you (the punter) a clear vision on where to find the best value. Some odds can drift from positive to negative so it’s imperative to always seek out the best available odds.

Avoid Accumulator’s & Chasing Losers

Hitting a 50/1 or even a 20/1 accumulator can feel invigorating, euphoric, and put you on top of the world. The reality is that if you’re betting sports for more than just “fun”, you’re hard earn profits from the 50/1 accumulator will soon disappear over time.

An accumulator is based on multiple selections across multiple/or the same markets that are wagered as one bet. So, if all selections (a minimum of 2, with an unlimited amount) win, the bettor will collect a larger pay-out than flat wagering. The enticing odds lead amateur gamblers into a dark hole each and every week. Your mates are celebrating those tickets a handful of times per year and you know it.

The accumulator will lure the public gamblers into enticing odds which present a get rich quick scheme. This is perfect for the bookmakers to capitalise. Improving your chances at profiting long term relies on the ability to control your bankroll and minimise risk.

Professional gamblers understand that single bets usually hold no more valued probability higher than 60%. So, even when you’re accumulating just two selections; your chances of winning could drop to 30% or less.

When customers are making several selections on one bet their implied probability usually lands within the 5-10% range. Anybody with simple maths knowledge can understand that will leave you far away from any kind of significant profit.

All in all, if you want to accomplish the eventual loss of all your money, continue betting on accumulators.

Matched Betting

One of the new trends in football gambling is matched betting. If you are hunting for a betting system that is almost guaranteed to work every time then matched betting is for you. The only risk-free betting method available and one of the least utilised, matched betting can provide high profits if you’re willing to invest your time.

Simply put, the idea is to place wagers and then lay-off the same bet. This means you can’t technically lose a bet no matter what the outcome of the game is. Certain bookmakers will offer matched bet promotions giving punters the opportunity to make a bet on either side of a game or event.

Football Trading

You can finally make money on football without using a bookmaker. Sites like Betfair Exchange are now offering a method similar to the stock exchange. You can still bet for and against outcomes similarly to how you would at a normal bookmaker.

However, you will find considerably better odds and the opportunity to ‘trade’ odds in real-time. You can buy and sell just like on a stock market exchange too. Whether you’re betting pre-game wagers or in-play, you can use trading to make guaranteed profits. This can be a complex process to get your head around, so be sure to do some in-depth research beforehand.

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