Man City Quadruple Betting

With Man City continuing to dominate, betting talk about a quadruple for the 2019 season has been rife.

Since Pep Guardiola and Man City have become the dominant team in England, talk about the betting on Man City to complete the quadruple has become rife.

Completing the quadruple is far from easy. To win the domestic treble is hard enough. So doing this and also adding the champions league to it, is highly unlikely.

The quadruple might also be know as total trophies betting, or total trophies betting.

Man City Latest Quadruple Betting 2019

- updated 26/02/19

Man City Quadruple Betting

At the start of the season the odds on a quadruple are huge. You are talking anything from 50/1 upwards. It has probably been a lot longer in previous years, but since City have started to dominate, the odds have shortened a lot.

At the turn of the year, City should be well set in the Premier League. They will have come through the Champions League group stages, and into the latter stages of the League Cup. At this point, talk of the quadruple will be starting to get louder.

Moving onto mid February, and by now City would be well advanced in the FA Cup, and into the final of the Carabao Cup. This is the time of the year when the odds start to come crashing down. They will be around 10/1 at this point.

Man City Quadruple Betting

What Is The Quadruple?

Winning the quadruple is unheard off. The odds are always long, and there are obviously good reasons why. Winning your own domestic league is hard enough, then you have to take on Europe's best for the Champions League.

Add to that the two domestic cups, where just one off day can finish your quadruple chances, and you can see why it's never been done by an English club. This is why the Man City quadruple betting odds are so long.

Below we have listed the 4 competitions Man City will need to win, to complete the English quadruple.

Premier League

The Premier League is English football's blue ribbon event, and the most sought after domestic title you can gain. The riches and fortunes currently available in the Premier League, means that big clubs can almost match City's spending power.

This means the title race isn't the procession in England, that it can be in country's like France, Scotland, etc.

Champions League

Europe's elite competition, the Champions League is arguably the most difficult of the 4 trophies to win. For example, from 2013 to 2018, this competition has only been won by a combination of Bayern Munich, Barcelona, and Real Madrid, Europe's elite teams. Real Madrid won it three years running during this 6 year period, showing just how hard it is to win this trophy.

FA Cup

England's premier cup competition, the FA Cup was last won by Manchester City back in 2011. The problem with winning the domestic cups is that managers see them as inferior to the league title, and champions league.

As a result, they rest their best players in this competition, particularly in the earlier rounds. This gives the so called lessor teams the chance to claim a big scalp by knocking out one of the big boys. This is exactly what happened to City back in 2018, when they lost 1-0 away at Wigan Athletic.

Carabao Cup

The Carabao Cup is widely regarded as the fourth most important competition on the list of 4. This is the cup where the big boys are more vulnerable. for example in some of the earlier rounds there is penalties right at the end of 90 minutes to decide who goes through. This gives the underdogs more of a chance to knock out one of the big boys.

It is also a competition - like the FA Cup - where managers will also rotate their teams and give the squad players a run out. All this makes shocks in this competition more rife.

What Is The Domestic Treble In England

The domestic treble in England is the Premier League, the FA Cup, and the League Cup (also known as the Carabao Cup). The domestic treble has never been achieved in England, showing how difficult it is.

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