Watford getting backed to do ‘a Leicester’

Watford are one of only three teams in the Premier League still to have a 100% record, following their 2-1 win over Spurs on Sunday, and as a result, the bookies have dramatically slashed the Hornets odds from 1000/1, to 200/1.

Popular betting site, Oddschecker, are reporting that a massive 54% of bets placed through their site on the outright Premier League winners in the 24 hours (since the match), are on Watford.

Furthermore, 59% of the bets placed on finishing in the Champions League (Top 4 Finish Betting), are also on Watford.

Troy Deeney Picture
Troy Deeney in action against Spurs

Back in the 2015/16 season, the Foxes were backed at 2000/1 to win the Premier League, with punters who stuck their necks out getting handsomely rewarded.

There are two main differences in Leicester back then, and Watford now, for me though. Firstly, a lot of the punters who got on Leicester, did so because of their form at the end of the previous season, when – then manager – Nigel Pearson’s team put together a remarkable run of results to go from relegation certainties, to comfortably staying up, in the space of 6 or 7 matches. Watford showed no sign of this form last season.

And secondly, and far more crucially, Leicester didn’t have this particular Manchester City team to compete with back in 2015/16, and also an in form and strong looking Liverpool side.

Not wishing to take anything away from Leicester, but that season was more one of teams trying their best not to win the title, their closest and only rivals, Spurs, even managed to finish 3rd in a 2 horse race that particular year.

Watford will be granted no such luxuries this season, which is the main reason why I wouldn’t be investing too much money, okay, any money, on Javi Gracia’s side winning the title. In fact, the way the current Watford owners go through managers, I’d guess there is far more chance of the Spaniard getting sacked before the end of the season, than Watford winning the league.

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