How to bet on football… and win!

Football is the biggest sporting market, working out how to bet on football is crucial, especially in 2018.

Billions upon billions are gambled on football games every year. But despite it being the beautiful game the vast majority are losing big on their favourite sport. But is that inevitable or can you make big bucks on football as well as enjoying it as a sport? In word yes.

Bet on Football in 2018

However it takes more than being a casual fan to pick the right bets, you need to be dedicated to the form and the stat to get this form of betting right. If this sounds like too much hard work try your hand at simpler online betting at some great 888 Alternatives.

The mistakes you’re making

Lots of people think football betting is easy money. You just guess who from two teams is going to win, score first, or another random football bet and you’re onto a winner.

However if all you’re basing this on is gut feeling you’re going to come unstuck. You need a deep understanding of the game, the industry and how all that unfolds over 90 minutes.

It’s important to find a bookie that gives you a wide range of betting options. And also if you wish cash out options.

Look at the probabilities

People look at games and have already decided who is going to win it – they are too invested in the sport to look at the decimal formats and not pick from a random fraction and go with your gut feeling.

For example a price of 2.00 – to convert this just divide the odds by a 100, ie 2, and you get 50. So you’ll have to win wagers such as this at least 50% of the time to come out on top.

You need a proper probability strategy to come out on top. If your assumptions are often correct, great, but you will probably eventually come unstuck.

Letting emotions rule

The attraction of football betting is that you can bet on games and teams you know well, have allegiances to and emotions invested in.

You can be lulled into having biased views, it’s only human nature and pretty unavoidable. Unless that is that you bet on matches that you have no interest or active bias towards. Then you can make a clear decision on what route to take.


Everyone loves an accumulator don’t they – the prizes can be huge! But they are huge because the odds are set against you. For a bit of fun go ahead and have a small punt on a long shot but don’t expect these to come in.

Unless you’re really lucky and hit the jackpot, then you’ll be pleased you totally ignored this expert advice.

Throw money at it

If you’re on a bad streak with football betting, don’t let your emotions take over and place knee jerk bets. Also don't presume mid-game that anything is a dead cert, anything can happen in football after all.

If you think your judgement is being clouded by anger step away and cool off, take a walk, a shower, whatever it takes to get you back in the zone, maybe have a few spins on their games.

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