The UK’s biggest football betting wins

We all dream it but never think it will actually happen. What if my small bet on Manchester United turns into thousands of pounds? What if that one spin on my favourite football slot will lead to the payout that will pay off my mortgage? For some lucky folks in the UK, this has become a reality. Is it luck or is it purely down to skill? Read on to make your mind up for yourself but be warned, this may make you a tad jealous.

How can a £1 bet lead to a £575, 000 win? This happened to a lucky 58 year old woman in Kent in 2017. She picked out 12 selections with the majority being odds-against outsiders. She placed a bet that Huddersfield would beat West Brom and Sheffield Wednesday would beat Aston Villa and guessed various other results too. It seems like her win was down to ‘beginner’s luck’ as she doesn’t necessarily enjoy football, she only placed bets to make it more enjoyable to watch with her husband. Lucky!

If we knew the secret of how to turn 30p into half a million pounds we’d be multimillionaires by now. A Manchester United fan from Staffordshire won £500, 000 back in 2014, you can win too


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