Bonuses That Every Gambler Should Be Aware Of

If you have not been using bonuses from bookmakers and casinos when placing bets, or football betting, you have missed out on a huge amount of free money. Using the correct promotion alongside your bet can over treble the number of returns should you win.

Been a successful gambler is about managing risk. And by using bonus offers you can limit your exposure and reap the rewards.

Use Bonuses To Help You Profit From Any Betting

In this article, I will talk about the different bonuses available that you should be aware of. And how to utilize them to increase your winning chances.

#1: Free Bets

If you have not been using gambling bonuses you have been missing out on the opportunity of free bets. There are many different types available. Depending on your preferred betting option you will be able to find one that meets your requirements. If you enjoy playing slots you can get no deposit free spins offers, if table games are your thing then you can free chips and if you love betting on sports you can get access to risk-free bets.

Free Bets

#2: Welcome Bonuses

One mistake a large number of gamblers make it staying faithful to one single gambling platform. By doing this they are missing out on the biggest and best promotions around called “Welcome Bonuses”.

These promos are only available to new players when they either sign up for an account. Or when they make their first deposit. The amounts of free spins, chips, and free money on offer via these bonus offers is the largest around. You can get your bankroll more than double along with a number of extras thrown in.

#3: Matched Betting Bonuses

Every time that you make a deposit at a bookmaker or casino you should combine your bet with a matched deposit bonus. These bonuses will match the amount that you deposit or in some cases, you will even get your money trebled. It means that your exposure risks will be limited and if you win your profits will skyrocket.

#4: Event Promotions

If you want to bet on a certain sporting event such as the world cup 2018, you need to find promotions that have been created exclusively for this event.

You will find promos that will give you fantastic options and huge rewards should you win by using these bonuses. It is also worthwhile looking out for new online casinos as often they have huge promotions. They use these to try to tempt players to try their platform.

#5: Cashback Promotions

There are a number of platforms that reward their loyal players by offering them a cashback on all the bets made on their platform. This means that each bet you make, the operator will give you a refund.


One of the best ways to find exclusive bonuses offers is by speaking with the live chat located on the best platforms. A large number will offer you free rewards so it is worthwhile asking the question. Make sure you join a number of gambling bonus sites so that you get notified of new offers that you can take advantage of.

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