Best Football Video Games for Quiet Game Nights

After all the championships, cups and tournaments are over, there is a time when football players rest and football fans are at a loss of things to do - why not try football video games.

Those few nights of low football action featuring a few friendly games and lower-league teams could even leave you reluctant to check out the NetBet sport section.

That is why we have attempted to find a solution. One that will keep your love of football burning at all times.

Some may choose to spend this time relaxing, reading a book or simply catching up with friends and family.

Finding the best football video games

Those that insist on having a part of their daily routine dedicated to ‘the beautiful game’ are sure to find a solution in the following list of the best football-themed video games.


The 6th version of the Pro Evolution Soccer video game series was the ultimate video gaming experience for football lovers.

It provided highly realistic graphics. A pure yet engaging gameplay and an overall sense of belonging on the field along with your selected teammates.

Although each of the releases ranging from PES 4 to PES 6 have been miraculous. The final of the three seems to have accumulated all the advantages and eliminated most drawbacks.

Football Manager 14

The FM 14 version provides amateurs wishing to become football managers with a unique and utterly realistic experience.

You get to employ all your managerial skills, including the ability to shout during the actual game. While the customization options are able to fit almost any fan’s expectations.

Choose your league or have it added to your database based on your preference and get down to managing.


The revolutionary air that this game brought to the football video gaming industry has marked its place among the ‘forever great’.

There is a rather wide selection of licensed leagues and players to satiate anyone’s appetite. While the overall quality makes sure you are properly immersed into making the right gameplay moves and decisions.

New Star Soccer

Released in 2012, it is a mobile video game with a football-related thematic.

It is suitable for both iOS and Android operative systems. This allows the most loyal fans to be able to get in touch with the game even when they are on the go.

It is as addictive and swipe-functional as Angry Birds. This allows the player to concentrate on their tactics, rather than the actual commands.

Still, there are quite enough options to select from in order to construct the winning game plan.

PES 16

Konami took up the challenge and proved themselves worthy of the name in the video gaming industry by taking their football digital reality and making it work for PS4 and Xbox One.

Running on these platforms since 2015, it is hardly up for debate if there is any other game that would capture the thrill, energy, dedication, strategy and tactical presence of the footballers on the pitch as well as it does.

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