Finding your ideal betting strategy to score

There’s no doubt about it - betting and gambling has really taken off in the last few years, especially football betting, where finding your ideal betting strategy is very important.

In fact, according to the Gambling Commission, in 2016 almost £14 billion was wagered in the UK.

Fuelling a great deal of this increase has been the runaway success of online betting through a number of routes. This includes casinos, bookmakers and bingo sites.

The scale of this increase is underlined by the fact that in 2009, £817 million was wagered online. By 2016, this figure had risen to £4.5 billion.

Focus on football for your ideal betting strategy

Along with the growing popularity of online betting, there are now many more options in a wide range of sports, and you only have to look at football as a prime example. Decades ago, the weekly football pools were the most popular form of betting on the sport.

But now there are not just opportunities to bet on the result, but on everything. This can be from who will score first, to the number of corners there will be in the match. The arrival of in-play betting has also added an extra element of interest to football fans who can adjust their strategy according to what’s happening on the pitch.

Some of the different types of football bet include:

1 Total goals

2 Correct score

3 First goalscorer

4 Last goalscorer

5 Half time score

The spread of spread betting

In other sports, spread betting has also introduced a whole new element of interest. For example, in cricket it offers fans the chance to predict the margin of victory or loss in match in terms of runs or wickets and relies on in-depth knowledge of both the teams involved and the conditions of play.

Of course, the sport that is probably most associated with betting is horse racing, and for generations punters have been using different strategies to win.

For some, money on the favourite always seems to be the wisest route. Whilst others prefer to have an each-way bet on a longer odds horse as a way of maximising their chances.

A winning strategy

Of all of the online casino games, it’s probably poker that offers the widest range of strategies for players to adopt.

After all, it is a game with a huge number of variables at any time. Handling these variables is essential if you want to win while betting online.

For some players this means taking the “all or nothing” approach in which they make bold moves in terms of the stakes they put down leaving their opponents to try and work out whether or not they’re bluffing. For others, a more conservative style seems to be the best way. With the hope that this will pay off in the long run.

With poker you’re also always playing a more complex psychological game against your opponents. This can lead to other, more direct, strategies which aim to unsettle them in some way.

A classic is to play in shades and baseball cap to avoid giving any visual clues to your state of mind or, less subtly, through trash talking both at and away from the table.

So it all boils down to the fact that your personal strategy in all games is exactly what it says it is – personal. It’s only through playing and experimenting that you’ll start to discover what works best for you. Then, when you’ve come up with your own winning way, it’s time to stick with that strategy.

Betting Strategy Summary

In recent years there has been a great increase in betting of all kinds across many sports. To succeed in these players have started to adopt a number of strategies based on knowledge and skill.

In poker there is more scope than in almost any other online casino game to use winning strategies to overcome opponents successfully. When a player has discovered their winning way, it pays to stick with it.

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