Assured Soccer Profits – Saturday Premier League Matches

There is 7 Premier League fixtures on Saturday this weekend, and as well as bring us plenty of acca insurance opportunities, there are also some matched that look good for trading using the Assured Soccer Profits (also known as ASP) system.

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Assured Soccer Profits Football Betting System

Trade Football Using The ASP System

Assured Soccer Profits is a system that trades the correct score on the Betfair Betting Exchange. It involves placing a series of lay bets, and back bets, usually involving the 0-0 scoreline, and AUQ (Any Unquoted) scorelines.

This system isn’t get rich quick, it is designed to pick up small winning amounts on multiple matches over a sustained period, giving you long term profits. More details of how the system works can be found on our Assured Soccer Profits Review page.

West Brom V Arsenal – Kick Off 12:30pm – Trade With AUQ Caution

Tony Pulis teams aren’t renowned for scoring, or conceding 4 goals, very often. Also hard to see a 0-0 in this match.

I would say this match is just okay to trade, but I’d bear in mind that West Brom seem to have stepped off the gas a bit lately, and if Arsenal do their usual trick of clicking into gear now their season is all but over, they could give the Baggies a bit of a hiding.

Sunderland V Burnley – Kick Off 3pm – Possible Trade

0-0 looks the only risk in this match, can’t see either side coming near to 4 or more goals. Can I see it being a 1-0 to either side, possible (even given Burnley’s shocking away form), but I can also see a possible 0-0.

If I am to trade this game, I would by looking to strictly trade out for scratch on 0-0 when it hits the trigger point, as I wouldn’t want to be replying on a goal in this one to bail me out.

Stoke V Chelsea – Kick Off 3pm – No Trade

Chelsea are in such a rich vein of form, that any high scoring win is possible, so I would be looking at giving this one a miss, or a very low any unquoted lay of Chelsea, topped up by the 0-0.

Crystal Palace V Watford – Kick Off 3pm – Trade With 0-0 Caution

Can’t see either side getting a hat full of goals, but 0-0 certainly can’t be discounted. Would trade this match, but like with Sunderland V Burnley, err on the side of caution with regard to the 0-0.

Everton V Hull – Kick Off 3pm – No Trade

Although Hull aren’t getting thrashed every week in the Premier League, there is the possibility of a comfortable Everton victory here. Personally, given Everton’s recent (home in particular) form, I would be looking at the 0-0 lay, but I would be a playing it safe with the Everton ‘Any Unquoted’ scoreline, as I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Toffees scoring 3 or more today.

West Ham V Leicester – Kick Off 3pm – Trade

This match looks could be the classic Assured Soccer Profits trade. Can’t see 0-0, but also can’t see either side scoring 4 or more.

It has that 2-1 either way, or 2-2 about it for me. Therefore ideal for trading using ASP.

Bournemouth V Swansea – Kick Off 5.30pm – Trade With Caution on AUQ

Although Bournemouth matches do have a habit of having a good few goals in them, the last time there was 4 goals scored on the South coast was back at the start of December, in the 4-3 win over Liverpool. 0-0’s are virtually unheard of with Bournemouth both home and away, you have to go back to mid/late October and a home match against Spurs to find the last one of them.

I would trade this match. I’d go heavier on the 0-0, while being mindful that there is the possibility of a goals rush late on.

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