How To Bet On Football Like A Pro

How to bet on football like a pro

For most people that gamble they are going to lose as the odds are stacked heavily in the bookie’s favor. They have a team of experts using the latest stats to come up with the odds of each gamed played. More than often they get it right but as last season showed us with Leicester City winning the Premier League with 5000/1 odds, they do not get it right all of the time. By using a great strategy you can beat the bookmakers and make a great profit. Below are a number of different basic rules that if you stick to it will help you to bet on football like a pro and beat the odds.

The golden rule for betting on football is that you need to find the best odds and offers available from all the top bookmakers. Do not just use one bookie to place all of your bets, take advantage of the different offers available from all and compare which one will give you the greatest returns if your bet comes in. One of the best promotions is using a Betfred Promotion Code which you can find through specialized websites that help the user find bookie promo codes.

Being loyal to a single bookie will cost you money as they will not be able to give you the best price all of the time. It is one of the most competitive industries in the world that turns over billions each year, so bookies are desperate to get your trade and to do so offer some unbelievable promotions. Taking advantage of these of one of the keys to successful as you can get free money in the form of promos such as welcome rewards and matched deposits. Using one of these along with your original bet can increase your winning hugely.

The next rule you should follow is to work out the best staking plan which basically means the amount of money you place per bet. You can work this out by firstly using statistical information online to compare the two teams. By using this you can determine a level of confidence on what you think the result will be.

Before you place any bets you should always have a maximum and minimum amount that you bet with. You should never go above the maximum amount even if you are certain that the result will go your way. Many gamblers fall into the trap of thinking that a game is a sure thing and end up putting all of their money on a single game. You may be lucky on a few occasions but it only takes the result not to go your way once and you will lose it all.

One other comment mistake that amateur gambles make compare to football pro bettors is that they try to chase their losses when they go on a bad run. Generally, they take risky bets on which big odds to attempt to make all of the money back that they have lost. Doing this can lead to financial disaster and even bankruptcy if you are not careful. Every gambler at some point goes through bad runs, the best thing to do in this situation is to be patient and stick to your original plan.

Only bet on singles or doubles and avoid trying to make a fortune by using accumulator betting. It is extremely difficult to predict the outcome a single match and your chances of five or more results going your way are extremely poor.

One of the best ways to beat the bookmakers and bet on football like a pro is to use live in play betting. By using this betting type you can find out who is playing and have the advantage of seeing which team is on top.

Following the above tips will help your bet on football like a prove and make it possible for you to make a profit on a regular occurrence. If you get good enough, you may even be able to quit your job and become a professional football gambler.

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