Football Betting Basics

If you are new to football betting, it is important that you learn the basics first before placing your first bet. There are many options to choose from, so it can be very difficult to understand when you first start out. You can place wagers before or with the latest technology you are now able to place bets during match play. Below are the basic choices that are the most popular.

Football Match Betting

This is the easiest and most common bet placed on football matches. A punter chooses what they think will be the end result and the bookmaker provides odds for the bet. Depending on the result either the bettor or the bookies will win the money place. If the person who placed the bet wins the bookmakers will pay out the original stake plus the multiple of cash related to the odds.

Both Football Teams to Score

One of the best value bets in football games over recent years has been betting that both teams will score. Using data on teams playing each other and past score trends makes it easier to pick winners. If you want to make lots of money why not try the accumulator. It works by you picking a number of games which you think both teams will score. If you get all of them correct you can win huge amounts of money.

Both Football Teams to Score & Result

To get extremely high paying odds one of the most popular bets is to place money on both teams to score and the match result. Over the last few seasons, the EPL has become very attack minded so the chances of this bet winning have increased.

Football Double Chance Betting

Double chance betting is like an insurance policy for those wanting to place money on a team to win a certain game. It pays out when the chosen club wins, and the bettor is also covered in the result of a draw.

Scorer Of The First Goal

Placing a bet on the player that is going to score the first goal is a huge risk as there are so many variables. The odds are extremely high for this type of betting. But it is a high-risk strategy which will not pay off in the long-term.

Goal Scorer Anytime

If you believe that a player will score in the game, a better option that choosing the correct scorer is to place an Anytime Goal scorer bet.

It does not matter which player puts the ball in the back of the net as every player is covered. The odds are a lot less but the likelihood of you winning is greatly increased. If you want you can do a football accumulator for this type of betting to risk more but win a great deal of money if it comes in.

Final Score

One of the most difficult things to do when betting on footy games is to guess the correct final score. The odds paid for this type of bet from online bookmakers is extremely high due to the difficulty in making the correct prediction.

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