Arsenal V Liverpool – £50 In-Play Offer and £200 Welcome Bonus

It’s a great day to open a new bet365 account if you don’t already have one, and it’s good news even if you are already an account holder, as on only the second day of the new Premier League season, bet365 are already unleashing their excellent £50.00 in-play offer on Arsenal V Liverpool.

This offer is open to all bet365 customers, both new and existing, and even if you are only opening a new bet365 account today, you can still claim the £50.00 risk free bet and the £200.00 welcome bonus, making this an exceptional double bonus offer.

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£50 Risk Free In-Play Bet on Arsenal V Liverpool, and £200 Welcome Bonus, both here. Offer ends 4pm, Sunday.

The in-play risk free bet is up to a maximum of £50.00, so to claim the maximum amount, you would need to place £50.00 on Arsenal V Liverpool (on your first bet), pre kick-off, the match kicks off at 4pm.

You would then need to place a £50 bet in-play (it would need to be your first bet after the match kicks off), and if that bet loses, you will get your £50.00 refunded in full, and in cash, within a few hours of the final whistle.

If you are a new customer, you will also qualify for the £200.00 Welcome Bonus, available to all new customers, and you can also claim the £50.00 in-play offer, and you can also get the bet365 mobile on the move bonus, which is also up to a maximum of £50.00.

Arsenal’s only real signing of note this pre season is Xhaka, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the atmosphere at the Emirates got toxic today if things get off to a bad start. Arsene Wenger is already under pressure to succeed, and the lack of new signings will only increase the ‘anti Wenger fans’ anger if things get off to a bad start.

Liverpool, on the other hand, have made changes galore this summer. The departures from Anfield are in double figures, with the likes of Mane, Wijnaldum, Klarius, Klavan and Matip, joining the club.

Liverpool have had – what must be regarded as – a successful time under Klopp so far. They may have lost two finals last season, but getting to them in the German’s first season, must be regarded as a success of sorts.

The factor towards Klopp is nothing but feel good at the moment, which is something that Wenger can only dream off. It will be interesting from the perspectives of both teams, to see how their seasons start off at the Emirates later today.

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