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We all want to find proven football betting strategies that make us money. The last thing we want to do is fork out for a new system, only to find it costs us twice as much money, as it goes on a losing run as soon as we start using it.

One exception to this rule is Accumulator Generator. The reason why I like this strategy so much, is because it doesn’t lose you money!!

You may ask how Accumulator Generator doesn’t lose money? And the answer is, that it is a system that is set up primarily not to lose money, as opposed to risky staking plans that can lose money.

How many betting systems or strategies have you ever come across that have a ‘no lose’ strategy? They are generally all based on ‘look how much you can win’ headlines, which are usually risky strategies, that try to generate sales based on peoples greed.

This is where Accumulator Generator is different, as it is basically a technique that creates free bets, and we then make our risk free money by cashing in the free bets.

Using this strategy, you will learn how to place your accumulator bets and then cover them so they don’t lose you all your stake money – you may lose a pound or two at times, but not all your stake.

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Accumulator Generator

The general idea of this proven betting strategy is not to lose (except the occasional pound mentioned above), and when we win, we get ourselves a free bet of £50.00 (which can be turned into £35.00 cash easily), or a £25.00 free bet (which can be turned into around £17.00 cash quite easily).

If you are placing a £25.00 or a £50.00 acca bet, and you only lose a pound or two when you don’t trigger the free bet, are you really that bothered? Especially when the rewards are the prospect of £50.00 or £25.00 free bets, from which you can make plenty of risk free money that far outweighs your one quid loss.

That’s essentially how Accumulator Generator works, and why it doesn’t send you to the poor house.

A bad or losing run with Accumulator Generator, is the possibility of not triggering a £50.00 or £25.00 free bet for four, five or six bets, etc. That means you might lose up to a tenner, but you won’t go bankrupt in the process. You may then trigger two or three free bets in succession, that can make you upwards of £60.00, £70.00, 80 quid or more.

Accumulator Generator comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, this allows you to purchase the system, try it out, and see if you like it.

The strategy also comes with written and video instructions. There is a calculator that works out how much you have to lay when covering your bet (to ensure you don’t lose), and there is also a ‘Acca Finder’ section that finds you the best value acca bets to place to try and trigger your free bets.


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