Football Accumulator Betting Strategies – Part 1

With all the offers available on football accumulator bets, it was only a matter of time before somebody somewhere came up with betting strategies that made risk free money from acca bets. Luckily we have discovered that there is such a strategy, and the best bit about it is, there’s more than one, and it’s called Accumulator Generator.

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Accumulator Generator

Within the Accumulator Generator package, there is a massive 5 techniques for making money from accumulator bets. Here we are going to look at the Back, Lay and Hope technique. This technique is attempting to get the free bet refunds available from acca insurance offers.

Acca Insurance refund offers are also known as ‘Money Back If You Miss By One,’ and they are available with most bookmakers, almost every day.

Depending on which of the bookmakers you use, you can get money back on losing accumulator bets if one leg of a 4-fold, or one leg a 5-fold, or a 6-fold (or larger) bet lets you down.

These refunds come in the form of free bets. Some bookmakers offer a maximum refund of £25.00, and some offer a maximum refund of £50.00. So they are large amounts of money (more details can be found on our Accumulator Generator Review page).

Using the Lay, Back and Hope technique, what you are aiming to do is place a 4-fold acca bet (for example) and trigger the refund to get yourself a £50.00 free bet. Using the £50.00 free bet, you can then get yourself around £35.00 in guaranteed profits.

There are a couple of bookmakers who offer £50.00 refunds on 4-fold accas. In order to get a £50.00 refund you will need to place a £50.00 bet on your acca bet, to try and trigger the refund. To trigger the refund, you need to get three out of four selections right (money back if you miss by one).

So just to clarify, if you place a four team accumulator and three teams win, and one doesn’t, you will get your money back as a free bet.

So if you place these 4-fold acca bets often enough, sure enough, you will get three out of four right enough times to make a fortune from the free bets.

Please note, £50.00 is the maximum amount of refund you can get. You can use the same technique on smaller amounts of money such as £5.00 or £10.00 bets, etc, if it suits you better. When you place an accumulator bet, the amount of your refund is based on the amount you place on your acca bet. So if you place £10.00 on your acca bet, and your acca misses by one, you get a £10.00 free bet refund.

Direct Link To The Accumulator Generator Football Betting System That Works

Accumulator Generator

If you are placing £50.00 acca bets, you obviously don’t want to lose your money. What Accumulator Generator does is show you how to place your £50.00 acca bet in a way that if more than one team loses, or the bet wins, you will only lose a couple of quid (remember, the aim is to get the £50.00 free bet refund, not for the acca to win).

It tells you which teams to lay, and calculates how much money you need to place on your lay bets. Calculating how much you need to place on your lay bet is the complicated bit, so having the Accumulator Generator calculator to work it out for you, and the support of your membership (with videos, written instructions) to help you place your bets, is vital to succeed in making money with this strategy.

This Football Accumulator Betting Strategy is firstly and foremost a ‘no lose’ system. A lot of football betting systems require risking large amounts of money, and possibly having to absorb losing runs. Not this one, the worst that can happen is you don’t win for a while, and you may lose a quid or two placing the acca bets.

You may have four or five bets when you don’t win, which may cost you up to a tenner. Then you could hit three or four refunds in a row, and have the best part of £200.00 in free bets to use. You will get the free bets loads of times, how many times do you place a 4 or 5-fold, and find one team lets you down? It’s always happening.

Then when you activate the refunds, you have a £25.00 free bet, or a £50.00 free bet to use – and Accumulator Generator also shows you how to place the free bet in a way to guarantee yourself a profit. You should make around 70% profit on a free bet in cash.

In a nutshell this is how the strategy works……….

  • Place Your Acca Bet
  • Lay Teams In Acca To Ensure You Don’t Lose Acca Stake

Then two options, either……

  • Don’t Win, And Maybe Lose A Quid Or Two


  • Get A £25.00 Or A £50.00 Free Bet
  • Make Guaranteed Profit

Don’t forget, with Accumulator Generator there are a further 4 techniques (I will review them as well), 5 in total. Of the 5, four are pretty much risk free, and one is for more experienced traders or gamblers, that involves a bit or risk, for higher rewards.

Accumulator Generator is a proven betting strategy that works. It also finds the acca bets for you to use, although you can also use the same techniques and find your own acca bets. If you choose to use the ones found by the system, you will find that there are pages of them, spread out over days. This system practically does everything for you, if you want it too.

Direct Link To Accumulator Generator Free Trial

Accumulator Generator Money Back Guarantee

The Accumulator Generator football strategy also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. This is a ‘No Questions Asked’ money back guarantee, so all you need to do is purchase the system, try it out for a 2 to 3 weeks, and then ask for your money back. No reason is required. You really have nothing to lose trying it out.


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