Guaranteed Profits From Football Accumulator Bets

Guaranteeing money from a football accumulator bet is something we all strive to do, and as a result, we find ourselves searching for football betting systems that make money from acca bets, and all sorts of other various permutations.

There are systems that out there that pretty much do guarantee profits from football accumulator bets, and one such system is Accumulator Generator.

What Accumulator Generator does is places acca bets with bookmakers, and then hopes that one selection loses, meaning we get our money back as a free bet.

Sound odd? Yes, and it did to me at first, so you might want to read on to find out how it really works.

What Accumulator Generator does is place acca bets in such a way, that it can cover them (or ‘lay’ them) on a betting exchange, to ensure you don’t lose your stake (you may lose a pound or two, due to the slightly differing odds on a betting exchange).

So if the bookmaker offering acca insurance requires you to place a minimum bet of a 5-fold, using the Accumulator Generator strategy, you will pick (for example) a match on Friday evening, a Saturday lunch time match, a 3pm Saturday match, the 5.30 Saturday evening live match, and a Saturday night match from Spain.

You then place your acca bet for £50.00 (usually the maximum refund amount) or what ever amount you wish, with the bookmaker.

Accumulator Generator then works out, with the specially modified calculator you get access to as a member, exactly how much money to lay each team for on your acca bet, to ensure you don’t lose your stake.

Then we hope that just one match lets you down, which triggers the acca insurance offer and gets you a free bet of £25.00 or £50.00, depending on your bookmaker you use, and original stake amount (it is a 100% refund as a free bet if your acca loses by one) you placed.

So for example, with a bookmaker offering a £50.00 refund on a five-fold if one match lets you down, you would place £50.00 on your five-fold. Then hope that one team lets you down, and then get a free bet of £50.00, which you can easily make £35.00 risk free profit from.

The worst thing that can happen is that the acca wins, or more than one team lets you down. In that event, you will have covered your bet, so that you get nearly all of your stake money back. You may lose a quid or two, but that’s a lot better than losing your whole £50.00 stake money.

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Basically, the law of averages says that placing regular 4-folds and 5-folds will result in one team letting you down on a fairly regular basis. Using the Accumulator Generator method, this will guarantee you profits from your acca bets.

The beauty of this football betting system for me is the fact that it’s first priority is not to lose. This means that when you do win, you are not playing catch up. Most football betting systems you come across these days involve risking money, using slightly iffy (shall we call them) staking plans. Not this one!


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