Football Betting Strategies – A good week to try them out!

With the lack of footballing activity this week due to the international break, now could be an excellent time to check out some of the differing football betting systems and see if they might work for you.

With football coming thick and fast in general, there is little time to have a proper look at betting systems, read the sales pitch, check out the reviews, etc, and get a feel if they are for you. We are now in a rare week, where there is plenty of time to do that.

Don’t worry, there is plenty of football coming up with plenty of international fixtures starting today, and then more on Thursday, and over the Easter weekend. All of the home nations are in action over the next few days, with Scotland visiting Czech Republic, and Wales hosting Northern Ireland on Thursday.

Then on Friday we see Republic of Ireland hosting Switzerland, before England visit the Olympiastadion in Berlin to play Germany on Saturday evening, in what will be a stern examination of Roy Hodgson’s team.

As well as staking plans like the Martingale football betting system, there are other football betting systems that work and make money.

You don’t have to place loads of risky bets on football to make money, that is a complete myth. With a system like Martingale, if you manage to get into a losing rut of 5 or 6 bets (maybe even more), you could make a huge hole in your bank balance, and you would need to have nerves of steel to keep doubling your bet amount every time.

That is what I would regard as a very risky football betting strategy that could lead to the poor house very quickly. It involves potentially staking loads of money, and it involves you picking a winner.

This is dangerous, because if you are in the middle of a bad run, your mind can become scrambled, and you sometimes will find – as daft as this might sound – that you can’t see wood for trees.

Instead of risking money in such a reckless way, try an arbitrage system, there are some very good Mike Cruickshank Products that make money in this way.

These sort of football betting systems or strategies reply on making money in a risk free manner, instead of using risky staking plans that can bankrupt you very quickly. They rely more on placing bets, that either get you a guaranteed free bet, or placing bets that can trigger a free bet if something happens, like with Accumulator Generator, where you can grab yourself refunds as free bets if you acca misses by one.

Accumulator Generator is a football betting system that shows you how to place a qualifying bet on a four or five team accumulator bet, and how to cover that bet to ensure you don’t lose all of your stake money. You then sit back and hope that your acca misses by one, and then you pick up a free bet of either £25.00 or £50.00 – which you can turn into risk free money.

You can do this as many times as you want, and with as many different bookmakers as you want. You won’t win on it every time, but you also won’t lose using this system. That’s the beauty of it. First and foremost it is a ‘No Lose’ system, rather than systems like Martingale. The profits comes over time when you hit your trigger points.

Direct Link To The Accumulator Generator Football Betting System That Works
Accumulator Generator

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