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Football Betting Systems are here there and everywhere, but what about finding a decent system that actually works, and what about finding some good, honest, impartial reviews? That can be difficult as well.

The difficulty in finding good honest reviews can be for a number varying reasons. This can be because betting systems are different, and what suits one person, might not suit another. Just because a person doesn’t like a system, doesn’t make it a bad system though.

If you read a review by the person that didn’t take to the betting system though, you will obviously read a negative review. And who knows, the system might be the one for you, and you may have just passed it up on the back of someone’s opinion, who wasn’t on the same wave length as you.

One such system I find that can divide opinion is Assured Soccer Profits, or ASP as it is also known.

ASP is a football trading system based on the Correct Score market on Betfair. It costs £83.00 + VAT (roughly £100), and for that money you get all the manuals to download, along with access to the members area with all the tutorial videos.

ASP isn’t a get rich quick system. It is a system that is really for a disciplined football trader.

Essentially it is based on laying and backing scores on the Correct Score market on Betfair, starting off by laying 0-0 and the Any Unquoted score lines (which is basically a scoreline with a 4 or higher in it).

On the Betfair Correct Score market you have scores from 0-0 all the way up to 3-3, and then you get the Any Other Home Win, Any Other Away Win, or Any Other Draw score lines (the Any Unquoted Scores).

ASP is basically looking for football matches that finish 1-0, 1-1 etc, low scoring results. There are some ground rules to stick too when picking the matches to trade, and these are shown in the start up videos in the members area, and in the downloads available for members to read.

Assured  Soccer Profits Football Betting System

Trade Football Using The ASP System

As every football match is different, ASP has plenty of video examples of how to trade matches in different circumstances. ie, what to do is there is no goal in the first half, what to do if there is an early goal, when to trade out for a loss, etc, etc. There are loads of these sort of videos in the members area.

ASP is a long term trading system, and it is best suited to a meticulous person who is prepared – at times – to trade out for scratch or a small loss, and who is happy to regularly trade, making a few pounds a day in profits.

It is a one off payment to purchase ASP, there is no add ons to purchase later. ASP is also an on going process, with new techniques and videos, etc, added to the members area all the time. All of these updates and add ons are added for free once you have purchased the system.

Included in your package is a free download of the Football Cash Generator (FCG) system, which is basically the blueprint to laying the draw on Betfair, giving you two football trading systems for the price of one.

As I eluded too above, Assured Soccer Profits isn’t a football betting system that will suit everyone. It is for a gradual accumulator of money, not a get rich quick gambling scheme, that wins loads when it works, and bankrupts you when it loses.

Assured Soccer Profits is sold on the clickbank platform. This is a reputable site, and Clickbank offer a money back guarantee to anybody who is unhappy with a product they purchase. This means you can purchase with confidence, and if it isn’t for you, get your money back.


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