What Is Betfair Acca Edge?

The short answer to this, is that Betfair Acca Edge is the replacement for Betfair's previous acca insurance offer.

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Acca Insurance offered refunds if one leg of a 5-fold or larger accumulator bet let you down. Acca Edge smashes that offer by offering money back if one leg of just a treble (or larger) lets you down.

What Is Betfair Acca Edge?

So just what exactly do us punters get with Betfair Acca Edge, and does it represent value?

  • With Acca Edge you get Cash back, not free bets, if one leg of a 3-fold bet lets you down
  • Acca Edge is available on all sports, both in-play and before events start
  • There are no minimum odds with Acca Edge, the only stipulation is that it has to be a treble
  • There is no maximum cash refund with Acca Edge

Sounds good so far, but there is a slight downside. With Acca Edge you have to take a 'slight reduction' in odds. Betfair state in their Acca Edge promo........

The reduction in odds is calculated by us to offer the true price the bet would be, if one of the selections failed to win. So in a nutshell, the probability of one of the selection not winning.

............ so basically, with Acca Edge, Betfair factor in the reduction in odds of one selection not winning.

I'm not knocking this offer, as it sounds quite reasonable to me. Getting your money back in cash if one leg of a treble doesn't win is just never going to happen in the real world. That would just be a punters ticket to printing cash, no bookmaker looking to stay in business is going to give an offer like that. There had to be a catch, and the reduction in odds is the compromise.

Let's compare Acca Edge to Acca Insurance.

  • With Acca Edge you get your refund in cash - With Acca Insurance you get your refund in free bets.
  • With Acca Edge there is no limit to the amount of cash refund you can get - With Acca Insurance most bookies offer a refund of £25.00 (there are some that offer £50.00).
  • With Acca Edge there is no minimum odds - With Acca Insurance some bookies require minimum odds or don't allow certain selections.
  • With Acca Edge you can use any sport, in-play or pre event - Acca Insurance only applies to football, and pre kick-off.
  • With Acca Edge the minimum bet is a treble - Acca Insurance is generally based on a minimum bet of 5-team accas (there are some that accept 4 team accas).

Acca Edge isn't perfect, the reduction in odds can seem quite steep, but it is far more flexible than acca insurance, and it gives punters a different type of refund option.

On the plus side, you can use Acca Edge on any sport, you also get cash refunds with it, so if you have a one hundred pound treble using acca edge, you get one hundred pounds back if only one outcome lets you down.

Ultimately it will come down to the punter. If you prefer a better price with no insurance, then don't use Acca Edge, while if you are prepared to take shorter odds and have a pretty decent insurance policy on your bet, then Betfair's Acca Edge could be for you.

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