Chelsea Relegation Betting

The unthinkable surely can’t happen can it? After last night’s 2-1 defeat away at Leicester, Chelsea currently sit in sixteenth place, just two places and one point off the bottom three, but does anybody realistically think they are going to go down?

At the moment there is a lack of togetherness in the bookies odds on Chelsea going down. Some bookies are as short as 33/1 or 50/1, but there are still a few offering 100/1 on the Blues going down as defending Champions.

At the moment Totepool, Betfred, Coral and Betfair are all offering 100/1 on Chelsea going down. If you haven’t already got accounts with any of these, you can open them here and get the following free bet offers…..

Personally, I don’t think they will go down. I only have one slight doubt in my conviction that Chelsea won’t go down, and that is because it does look to me that Mourinho has lost certain elements of the dressing room, if not nearly all of it.

He criticised the players quite emphatically after the Leicester defeat, using words like ‘betrayal’ and claiming that maybe they overachieved the season before, because of Mourinho himself, rather than the players. Talk like that is hardly going to win back the dressing room.

So if the owner continues to back Mourinho, is there any real sign of the current situation changing? That said, I can’t see the current situation being allowed to run until the end of the season.

So rather than Chelsea going down, it’s far more likely that Mourinho will be sacked well before that days arrives. This is backed up in the betting, with Mourinho 10/11 to be next manager out, and Chelsea at 100/1 to be relegated.

Mourinho also looks lost as to what he can do to put things right. He’s tried dropping players, and giving them a kick up the backside, and that hasn’t really worked. His one big weakness to me though is that he looks too stuck in his ways to have a really radical shake up. He recently went with the false number 9, but beyond that there has been no real change in formation, and still seems so reluctant to put any real trust in some of the squad players.

There was some fight in the second half against Leicester last night, but the damage was already long done. Some of the defending was awful, which it totally unlike any Mourinho side. In fairness to Chelsea though, they did create a number of good chances in the final 30 minutes, and on another day could easily have fought back for at least a draw.

It was probably the events after the match that were more telling though. Mourinho’s criticism of his players was stinging, and it’s hard to see how that is going to help repair what already looks a fractious relationship between manager and players. It’s starting to look like the writing’s on the wall for the so called Special One!

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