Manchester Derby bet365 £50 Free Bet

Manchester United take on Manchester City at Old Trafford this afternoon, and bet365 are offering their £50.00 in-play free bet on the match, which means you can make a guaranteed profit of approximately £35.00 on the Manchester Derby.

This offer is open to all bet365 customers, both new and existing, even if you are only opening a new account today.

With this offer, if you place a bet pre kick-off on the Manchester Derby, bet365 will match it with a free bet to the same value to use in-play, up to a maximum of £50.00.

So what you need to do is find a bet where the odds on bet365 are very similar to the odds on the Betfair Betting Exchange, this is so you can place your qualifying bet without losing your fifty quid.

The draw is 5/2 with bet365, and is just over 5/2 (3.55) to lay on Betfair. So for your pre match bet, you back the draw on Bet365 for £50.00, and you lay the draw on Betfair for £50.00. This ensure you don’t lose your £50.00 placing your pre match bet.

You will probably lose a couple of quid for your troubles (due to Betfair commission and slight difference in odds), but you are getting a £50.00 free bet for your troubles.

Then once the match starts, you need to find a bet (preferably at half time, so a goal can’t go in and ruin what you are trying to do) where the odds are similar.

Look for a bet with odds of 3/1 (or greater), and you will then need to underlay the bet.

So for example, if you decide to do a bet at 3/1 on bet365 at half time, then you would stand to win £150.00 (and get your £50.00 stake returned). You would them need to go on Betfair and lay the same bet for £35.00 at around 4.3 (you probably won’t get 3/1).

This means if the bet wins on bet365, you get £200.00 from Bet365 (£150.00 winnings plus your £50.00 stake), and you lose £115.00 on Betfair, meaning a profit of £35.00.

While if the bet loses you would break even with bet365 as you get your £50.00 back, and you would win £35.00 on Betfair. Meaning an overall profit of around £35.00, no matter what the outcome.

The match kicks off at 2.05pm. You will need a bet365 account and a Betfair account to do this offer.

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