Big Sam backed in the Sack Race

There has been a bit of a gamble on Big Sam Allardyce to be the next manager to leave his job in the Premier League, after news emerged of a less than productive training ground meeting between Allardyce and some of the board members last Tuesday.

News also leaked out from somewhere that former player Slaven Bilic and David Moyes – now managing at Real Sociedad in Spain – are being sounded out as possible replacements.

Big Sam seen his price come tumbling down to around the 6/4 to 2/1 mark in the Next Manager To Be Sacked betting market on Tuesday evening, and throughout Wednesday, which to a neutral viewing from the outside – and given West Ham’s current league position – sounds barely believable.

The truth seems to be that the West Ham fans still don’t really want or rate Sam Allardyce, it looks like they were simply just tolerating him while things were going well – and now that performances have tailed off a bit, the fans have again turned, with the 4-0 hammering at West Brom in the FA Cup, proving to be the latest red rag to a bull incident.

Allerdyce’s contract finishes at the end of this season, and if he is to be shown the door at West Ham, it might be that it isn’t until the end of the season when his contract expires. Or alternatively, come the end of the season, he may well be handed a new contract, who knows?

If on the other hand it becomes obvious that there will be no new contract, and results and performances keep going downhill, and the fans fury becomes intolerable, then he might well be gone any time between now and the season’s end. All this needs to be taken into consideration if you are thinking of betting on Sam to be next manager sacked.

Another factor to bear in mind when considering Allerdyce’s chances of being shown the door is that he simply doesn’t fit the profile of manager that West Ham fans want, and this will be a major factor in Gold and Sullivan’s decision whether to keep him or not.

One thing Big Sam practically does guarantee is Premier League football, and with the new TV deal soon to kick in, and the move to the new ground now just over 12 months away for West Ham, being in the Premier League is imperative for West Ham.

It’s a delicate balancing act for Messrs Gold and Sullivan, do they stick with a man who will give them – albeit mid table – Premier League football and possibly cause fans to not buy season tickets, or do they take a chance on moving the team and the club forward, with the possibility of it back firing, and the club ending up back in the championship just as they are being handed the keys to the Olympic Stadium?

Under normal circumstances ambitious men like Gold and Sullivan would probably look to move the club forward with a new manager, but as I’ve eluded too above, these are not normal circumstances.

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