5/1 on England to beat Slovenia

It’s International football again this week, and England have a 2016 Euro Championship qualifier against Slovenia at Wembley on Saturday afternoon – and Betvictor have a new account offer available on this match.

Anybody opening a Betvictor account here can get enhanced odds of 5/1 on England to beat Slovenia on Saturday, this is enhanced from 1/3.

This is a new accounts only offer, and the maximum bet at 5/1 is £5.00. Not a massive stake amount, but it is a possible £25.00 in winnings, compared to the £1.66 existing Betvictor customers will get for putting a fiver on England at 1/3.

As predicted by many – including England boss Roy Hodgson, the pitch at Wembley has been churned up by the recent American Football matches played on there. This shouldn’t effect England too badly, and it is obvious that it will be the same for both teams.

Despite the fact that England players are used to playing on immaculate surfaces these days, they still have plenty of experience of playing on dodgy surfaces – and the word is that the pitch isn’t actually as bad as it looks.

It’s not hard to see why the FA are exploring the option of taking England fixtures back out on the road again, in the event of an NFL franchise at Wembley. It is obvious that the ground couldn’t accommodate both, although it does seem ironic that one of the main reasons the ground was mainly built for – the England football team – could be effectively getting evicted.

Bills need to be paid at Wembley though, and an NFL franchise could go a long way to balancing the books. So in defence of the FA, the fans need to understand this. And just think if it possibly led to a Super Bowl being held at Wembley one day!

While I’m on the subject of Grid Iron, and it will soon be this season’s Super Bowl. It’s being held in Arizona on the 1st February, 2015, and live 2015 Super Bowl betting online will again be huge this season, with the UK bookies looking to top £3 Billion they are rumoured to have made on last years final.

So don’t feel too bad about taking the 5/1 on offer for England, I’m sure they can afford the payout!

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