One Hundred Grand Win For Profit Maximiser Member

One member of Mike Cruickshank's Profit Maximiser members was celebrating recently, as he managed to bag himself the grand total of £117,993.80 at the end of last month (29th August).

I've read the thread on the Profit Maximiser Facebook group, and it turned out that the guy won the money from a 138Bet scratch card. Using loose change left over in his account.

Profit Maximiser Hundred Grand
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First he won just over £8000.00. Then with that money, he bought himself some more scratch cards and won again. This time landing a 6 figure win.

Profit Maximiser is essentially a service that shows you how to make risk free money from bookmakers offers. When you join there is pre loaded free bets, free casino spins and bingo sign up offers to cash in.

Was The One Hundred Grand Win Text Book Profit Maximiser?

So if we're going to be picky, this guy wasn't strictly following standard procedure. You won't find anything about buying scratch cards in our review, that's for sure. The win also seems to have sparked a debate on the Facebook group.

My own view on this is that while it wasn't text book, it was acceptable. He was using money made through Profit Maximiser. ie not his own cash, so it wasn't gambling with his own money.

Profit Maximiser shows you how to make risk free money, it doesn't tell you how to spend it. The trick is to not use your own cash, and the guy who won the 100 grand, wasn't using his own cash.

And for the record, Profit Maximiser actually finds offers like free scratch cards. So this could easily have happened on a free scratch card offer.

This guy got very lucky, not everyone who uses Profit Maximiser will make anywhere near £100K.

But it just goes to show you what can be achieved using this service. And this service will certainly make you a few grand. That is a certainty.

Risk free gambling (if that's what you want to call it) is a good method to follow and a good habit to get into.

You might not make anything for a few days, and it might get frustrating at times, but you won't lose.

Another thing you will find, is you won't go bankrupt using this method. And as the hundred grand scratch card guy shows, it could be a huge win!

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