Make £500 A Month with Profit Maximiser

It’s only about a year old, but Profit Maximiser members are starting to report massive profits using Mike Cruickshank’s risk free money making service. Multiple members of the Profit Maximiser Facebook group are now showing that they are making over £1000 a month.

There are some exceptions to this, as some Facebook members are reporting excessive totals, like the guy who made £26,000 in 4 months, with another guy reporting profits of £16,000 in a year, while another guy is reporting more modest profits of £4K in 6 months, all on the groups Facebook page.

Having used this service for a while, and having looked at all the offers involved, I don’t see any reason why £500 a month can’t be made easily. While if you put in the extra graft, £1000 a month could well be possible.

With Profit Maximiser there are two specific types of offers for you to cash in, and depending on how much spare time you have, will depend on how you approach these offers.

First, there are pre loaded sign up offers you are advised to cash in as soon as you join. These will get you your subscription fee back in a couple of weeks, and then will make you a good few hundred quid profit (you should clear 4 figures) to start with. There are simply loads of sign up offers, well over a hundred.

It should be fairly easy to make at least £10 an offer on these – you should make a lot more – so with over 100 offers available it explains itself how much money can be made here.

Second, you have the daily offers added to the Profit Maximiser calender, which is updated a couple of times a day. The offers on the Profit Maximiser calender are day specific, by that I mean they may be only available that day.

These could be offers on a football match that night, or they could be free spins from a casino available that day (just for 24 hours).

This is where there are different ways of approaching Profit Maximiser. You can either just concentrate on the sign up offers, or you can do the calender offers, or you can do both.

What you choose to do, should depend on how experienced you are with bookmakers. If you are new, just concentrate on the sign up offers, if you are more experienced and have some spare time, then maybe do the sign up offers and the daily calender offers.

Just by doing the sign up offers, you should be able to make £500 a month, and I believe you will make much more than £10 an offer (remember there are over 100 offers). It should also be possible to make about £100 a week doing the daily calender offers, and with some of them being things like free casino spins, you never know, you might get that really lucky big win.

This service isn’t gambling, it is using sign up offers and bookie cash back offers to make risk money. It is the only service I have ever used that 100% guarantees a profit, all the others I have seen suggest you should make money over a period of time, or gambling is involved, etc.

Using Profit Maximiser is different, you will make money – £500 a month should be fairly easily achievable, and it even comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, making it totally risk free and giving you absolutely no reason not to try it out.

3 thoughts on “Make £500 A Month with Profit Maximiser”

  1. Thanks for the review.

    Very tempted by this.

    Is it possible to make £500 per month from this after you’ve used up the sign up bonuses?


  2. Hi Steve,

    I believe so, it will take you ages to go through the pre loaded sign ups anyway, there is over 80 bingo ones alone.

    And by the time you’ve finished all them, there will probably be more new accounts offers added as more and more new brands come on board.

    After that you can do the daily offers, which I believe will average £125.00 minimum a week quite easily.

    The horse race offers should achieve this alone. In fairness with them though, you may make £300 one week, £50 the next week, and nothing the next week, but over time you will average over £125 a week quite easily.

    And with the horse race offers, once you know how to do them, you will no longer need the Profit Maximiser service, as you will be able to work them out yourself. So that means you won’t need to renew at the end of the first year, unless there are more offers coming on board to keep you interested.

    You will also get your first year’s subscription money back in the first 2 to 3 weeks anyway.

    I hope this answers your question?

    Cheers, Dean

  3. Yeah it does, cheers Dean.

    I’m just setting up a dedicated bank account for this and getting the bankroll sorted. Will be signing up very soon.

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