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The In Play Trading Scanner is a new tool brought to you by the guys over at Pre Match Trading, and as you would expect from these lads, it’s pretty good at what it does.

In essence it is the polar opposite of Pre Match Trading, as it is a tool that helps you trade a match in-running. As opposed to the Pre Match Trading model, where you make your money before a ball is kicked.

It’s basically a tool to help you trade or bet on football, not a football betting or trading system. There is a short video below showing examples of how it works…..

As you can see from the video, the whole idea of the in play scanner is too give you all your info and data in one place, and putting you within one click of placing a trade/bet – as opposed to having numerous windows open on your browser and chopping and changing from one screen to another, and missing out on a trade.

All the stats you need are included on the In Play Scanner page, shots on target, possession, etc, along with the live relevant Betfair prices. This makes it a great tool if you are looking to trade a match that isn’t live on TV, or you cannot access pictures too.

There is also a direct link to the relevant Betfair page from the stats page you are viewing. For example if you are viewing the stats on Hull V Stoke on a Saturday afternoon, you could click the live Betfair price on your stats screen and it will take you direct to that market on Betfair (as long as you are logged in).

With all the latest live match stats to hand this allows you to make an informed decision as to whether you think there is likely to be goals in the match, and who is more likely to score.

The software can help you spot a misaligned price. For example, if Team A is at home and they are trading at around Even money, and Team B is trading at 5/1 and is having more attacks and more shots on goal, the software shows you this.

What this is basically telling you is that Team B has a better chance of scoring than the odds suggest, so you might decide against backing Team A on this basis, or you might decide to have a couple of quid on Team B at 5/1.

Or it could be that you are sure this match has another goal in it, and by having these stats you may wish to load more of your spread on Team B (at 5/1) scoring the goal, rather than just laying the draw or the correct score. It basically opens up more options for you.

The In Play Trading Scanner costs £29.00 for one month, £75.00 for 3 months, or £135.00 for 6 months. This means you have the option to just try it out for a month, or take it for a longer period where your purchase will work out at better value for money.

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