Knowing The Right Time To Get Out

Last night’s 4-0 defeat to MK Dons is the latest set back to Louis van Gaal’s so called rebuilding job at Manchester United, and leaves the Dutch manager with only two competitions to compete for this season.

I have to admit I was very surprised at the team van Gaal picked last night, there may well have been a few experienced internationals in the side, but it could have been a lot stronger.

In the past United would have had Europe to use as an excuse for not taking the Capital One cup seriously, but with only the three domestic trophies to play for this year, I think the tactics last night were strange.

I’m not sure whether it is arrogance on the part of van Gaal (I wouldn’t be surprised if it was). Could it be van Gaal thinks winning the Capital One Cup makes little difference to his future ambitions?

Other managers might see it as an opportunity to get a first trophy on the board and ease the pressure, given that the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City and Liverpool may well have an eye elsewhere.

So who is to blame for where United are now at? Ferguson, Moyes, Ed Woodward, David Gill, the Glazers, or a combination of all?

Did Sir Alex Ferguson leave them in a bad state? Although they were league champions, I believe Ferguson knew the writing was on the wall for this team. But in defence of Ferguson, was he offered the money to improve the squad before departing the scene?

For all we know, the Glazers may have been running a tight ship at the time and making little money available. Or maybe Ferguson had the money, and wrongly judged that – as champions – his squad didn’t need much surgery.

David Moyes didn’t really improve the squad, but was he badly let down by Ed Woodward last summer, when only really Marouane Fellaini was added.

In defence of Ed Woodward, managers have to identify targets, and why has no one suggested adding a couple of center backs and a right back over the past two seasons? It was obvious under Alex Ferguson that the right back was a position of high priority, and still to this day no one has addressed this.

Football news reports that £59.7M was spent on Angel Di Maria, which is a staggering amount of money, the sort that Moyes could only have dreamed off spending. A good player, yes, but for the best part of £60M I would be wanting a player who is going to drive the team forward and be a single handed match winner. I may be proven wrong in the long run, but I really don’t see Di Maria as this player.

Personally I think the rot set in years ago. It is said that if you stand still you move backwards, and that is true of Manchester United.

The football club didn’t build on the the final Premier League title handed to them by Alex Ferguson, and I do believe Ferguson could have left the squad in better shape. Whether that was complacency on the part of Ferguson, or him getting no money to improve the squad, I don’t know?

Since then nothing has changed. Moyes and/or Woodward didn’t address the issues, and it remains to be seen if van Gaal will do so. One thing that is for sure, is that Ferguson certainly knew the right time to get out.


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