Assured Soccer Profits Back Open For New Customers

After it’s recent upgrade, I’m pleased to report that the football betting system, Assured Soccer Profits (ASP), is back open for business again, and is now accepting new customers into it’s membership site.

The system was closed to any new members a couple of months back, as John Duncan (the man who now runs the programme), needed to focus all his attentions in making some upgrades to the existing member area, to make it a better experience, for new – and most importantly for me – existing customers.

A person or service that looks after the people it has already has taken money from is a good sign in my opinion. For those of us who have already paid to buy the system, we have got what we paid for, so upgrades are good news and an added bonus for us.

The most notable addition to the service that I have noticed is that we can now download the full Football Cash Generator (2014 revision) from the members area. This means that for all us existing members, we have got a second football trading service absolutely free. Or if you are a new customer, you are getting two football trading systems for the price of one.

So again, a good deal for both new and existing customers.

Another new aspect to the ASP members area is the new ‘ASP Statistics’ page. This is where we are alerted to football matches that are statistically more likely to be successful using the ASP method.

This is a list of matches that are updated daily, for example, today (Sunday 18th May), it is currently showing 14 matches that could lead to potential profits from a whole host of matches from various leagues across the world. There are matches from the Danish Superliga, all the way to Major League Soccer in the USA that you could potentially make money from using the ASP system.

This is a new addition to the service that wasn’t there when I first joined. Throughout my membership I have had to hunt down matches to use the system on, myself. The ‘ASP Statistics’ page is now doing that work for us (assuming we can’t be bothered to do it ourselves).

Another good reason why this is a good time of the year to be experimenting with football trading systems such as Assured Soccer Profits, is because now that most of our domestic leagues have finished, we are probably looking around for some football matches to bet on.

The chances are that we are not going to know a great deal about summer football in Europe and beyond, so instead of sticking pins in donkey’s arses, this is the time to experiment with a football trading service and see if that works instead.

If you are struggling to use the system, you can request help from John Duncan. I have previously mailed him about issues, and have had no problems getting answers and help from him. If you’ve exhausted all those avenues and John can’t help you, then Assured Soccer Profits comes with a 60 day Money Back Guarantee, so if you don’t like it, simply ask for your money back. You have nothing to lose really.

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