3/1 Chelsea To Qualify With Betfair

Another 3/1 enhanced price from Betfair tonight, this time it is on Chelsea’s Champions League tie with Atletico Madrid.

Anybody opening a Betfair account through this link can get 3/1 on Chelsea to qualify for the Champions League final.

This means that Chelsea can win by any means, they can do it in 90 minutes, extra time, they can even park the bus and go through on penalties. All they have to do is get to the final, and the 3/1 is a winner.

This is a new account offer only. All new accounts have to be registered from the UK or Ireland, and have to be opened using Betfair Promo Code ZSK118.

This offer applies to the Betfair Sportsbook Fixed Odds website only (not the Betting Exchange), and is for a maximum of £/€25.00. After you have opened your account this needs to the first bet you place, and you can’t cash it out in running (otherwise you will lose the enhanced price offer).

You will need to take the live price on the Betfair website (currently 10/11). Don’t worry though, you will still get paid out at 3/1, this is just the way that Betfair run these offers.

If Chelsea win you will get paid your winnings in two parts. You will immediately receive £47.50 (£25.00 stake + £22.50 winnings paid at 10/11). You will then receive a further £52.50 within 24 hours, which is the remainder of the money from the 3/1 price enhancement.

This offer pays out over £50.00 more than the normal website price, for a £25.00 bet, so it is a very good offer. If you do open a Betfair account and take advantage of this offer, you can also use the Betfair Betting Exchange website on the same login after you have completed the sign up offer.

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