Profit Maximiser Free Bets List

I've previously written about the 80 Bingo Sign Up offers available on Mike Cruickshank's Profit Maximiser service, so today I am going to write about the extensive Free Bets list available to members of the service.

My Profit Maximiser members area page shows me that there are currently 23 bookmakers' sign up offers (it's growing all the time). Another 8 mobile phone free bets, and another 4 spread betting sign up offers. All of these 33 offers are risk free (provided you follow the instructions), and can net you hundreds of pounds.

I have a lot of bookmakers offers down the left hand side of the screen on this website, and after just completing a quick head count, I can see that I only have 3 of the 33 offers that is listed on Profit Maximiser, on this site. If I'm totally honest about it, I haven't even heard of at least 10 of the offers on Profit Maximiser.

There is written instructions (and videos for some offers) showing you how to cash out all of the 23 bookmakers sign up offers. I've just added them up, and I can confirm that they currently add up to a whopping £1250.00 worth of free bets and sign up offers.

Moving on to the mobile phone free bets, and they amount to a total of £85.00. Having looked at these, they are okay offers, but they are not a patch on the Bet365 £50.00 mobile or tablet free bet offer for new and existing customers, but they still represent £85.00 worth of free bets that can be cashed in.

And then you have the spread bet offers, that come in at £370.00 worth of offers.

Obviously in all these cases, the totals I am listing above isn't what you will get back, it is the value of the free bet, or sign up offer. You should though be able to make around 60 - 65% (at the very minimum 50%) of the value of all of those offers, risk free.... and that I am sure you will agree, is a pretty good return.

Don't forget, that actually doing all these offers takes quite a bit of time, so they will keep you tied up for a good few weeks, meaning that by the time you have finished, there should be plenty more new offers added.

This is a process that is on-going, so as well as adding new bookmaker offers, Profit Maximiser will also alert you to free bets for existing customers, and don't forget there are also risk free casino offers, and the 80 bingo sign up offers I referred too at the start of the article - which is a list which will also keep on growing.

To me, Profit Maximiser (you can join or read more information here) looks here to stay. It is growing by the week, and it is finding more and more offers, and making a lot of people a lot of money. I'm currently doing okay from it. Also, I have been a member for a few weeks now, and I am no where near working my way through all the offers, I'd say less than 10%. I don't think a year will be long enough for me, there is just that many offers to work through - and as a result, that much money to be made.

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