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The chaps over at Pre Match Trading have been busy putting together another video, this time giving an example of how you can use profits made from pre match trading, in-play.

In this video, you see how profits made pre match on Under 1.5 Goals can be used as insurance to trade different markets.

If you want to play ultra safe you could just spread the profits across Over 1.5 Goals and Under 1.5 Goals (using Betfair), and make a modest profit. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, and it is probably the best way of doing things to be honest.

There are alternative methods though, and this video example shows one of them. With little risk, you can actually make more money by backing other markets, such as Over 2.5 goals, and using the green on Under 1.5 goals as insurance.

Don’t get me wrong, things go too well in this example…. and if you are new to pre match trading, you may be better off taking the more cautious approach and just spreading your green evenly across both outcomes (Over and Under 1.5 goals in this case). You will make less, but you are certain to profit.

As I have stated before, if nothing else, using the pre match trading tool will help you to understand the markets better. You can subscribe to pre match trading for as little as two weeks at a time (£20.00), and there is no tie in for a year or anything like that.

This allows you to give it a go for a couple of weeks, and if you like what you see, purchase it for another two weeks, at £20.00 a time. Then if you feel it is for you, you can purchase a longer package that gives you better value for money.

You probably won’t master the trading tool in two weeks, but you can learn a lot about trading pre match, and you can also follow the chat room on a Saturday afternoon (when it’s most busy) and learn no end from reading what others are doing, and – if you wish too – asking your own questions.

I see using Pre Match Trading as more of a trading education. Have a watch of the following video and see what you think…..

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