Betfred offering 4/1 on Liverpool to beat Everton tonight

Betfred are at it again….. as new customers can get 4/1 on Liverpool winning tonight’s Merseyside Derby against Everton. This is a massive price boost from the 5/6 currently quoted on their website for a Liverpool win.

As I already eluded to, this offer is only available to new customers opening a Betfred account. The 4/1 will only apply to the first £10.00 of your stake. So if you put £20.00 on, £10.00 will be paid out at 4/1, and £10.00 at 5/6 (assuming Liverpool win).

If you do take advantage of this offer, please be aware that 5/6 will still show as the odds on their website, but you will be paid out at 4/1 on a Liverpool win.

This also represents a chance to make a guaranteed easy £15.00 risk free, using the Matched Betting method along with Betfair (there is a £50.00 Free Bet available to new Betfair customers).

Obviously you will need to open a new Betfred account (if you already have one, why not get the Missus to open one for herself?). Then place your £10.00 on Liverpool at 4/1 with Betfred, and then lay Liverpool on Betfair for £27.00 @ 1.87.

Then if Liverpool win, you get £40.00 winnings from Betfred (plus your original tenner back), but lose £23.49 on Betfair, a profit of £16.51.

Or if Liverpool don’t win, you lose £10.00 on Betfred, but make £25.65 (after commission) on Betfair, a profit of £15.65.

Either way, it is easy, risk free, money!

As well as this offer on Liverpool, you will still qualify for the Betfred free bet of £25.00 for new customers. This will be based on your second bet (after tonight’s offer).

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