NetBet Sign Up Bonus Of £100 For New Customers

NetBet are currently running a decent offer for new sign ups, with new customers able to receive £/€100.00 free. It’s a limited time only offer, running out at the end of January. So you will need to act fast on this one.

For anyone who is a bit unsure of who NetBet are, they are a well established bookmaker who have been around since 2001 – and are now the rebaranding of Bet770.

The offer is based on the amount of your first deposit, with a 50% bonus added to your opening deposit, up to a maximum of £/€100.00.

So in plain English, to claim the maximum amount, you need to deposit £200.00 (on your first deposit), and NetBet will give you a £100.00 sign up bonus.


If you don’t wish to deposit £200.00, you can deposit £100.00 and get a £50.00 bonus, and so on….

You will need to enter the code ‘WELCOME100’ in the ‘Promotion Code’ section at the top of the cashier before making your first deposit. After you have done this, you have 24 hours to make your deposit.

You will then need to roll over your deposit once on a bet at odds of at least 1.60, and once your bet has been settled, you will receive your bonus.

You will then need to roll over your deposit and the bonus a further five times at odds of 1.60 or greater before it is available to cash out, so it is a bit of a pain (it is different for certain countries).

Before that puts you off, there is a pretty easy way to cash out the majority of this bonus…… and it is a good sign up bonus, so it is worth the hassle.

The easiest way I have found to do this, is to just match the bets up on a betting exchange I use Betfair (£50.00 Free Bet available for new customers).

Simply find a bet of 1.60 on NetBet, put the £200.00 on it, and then lay the same bet on Betfair. That’s your sign up bonus sorted.

Then simply keep doing the same with your deposit and sign up bonus. Just keep finding bets at 1.60 on NetBet, and keep laying the same bets on Betfair. It can be for any amount, just keep going until you have rolled the amount over five times.

If your bets keep winning, you will end up with all the money in NetBet – but if your bets keep losing, you will end up with all the money in Betfair.

In an ideal world, these bets will keep on losing, so all your money will be in Betfair. This is better as it means you can withdraw it immediately (and avoid the hassle of continually rolling it over). Put simply, the more bets that lose, the better.

The worst case scenario is that the bets to keep winning, and you have to roll it over the five times in NetBet… and let’s be honest, that’s no great hardship!

It’s a pretty easy way to make £90.00 – £95.00 risk free. It probably won’t be £100.00, as you will obviously lose a couple of quid here and there in Betfair commission, and the slight difference in odds.

You can Open A NetBet Account Here and receive up a free sign up bonus of €/£100.00.

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  1. John says:

    It’s fabulous opportunity i love it 😉 Thanks netbet

  2. Bailey says:

    Netbet games are awesome and a good winning ratio

  3. Hebrew says:

    surprise to see great bonus

  4. Calvin says:

    Netbet is One of the best gambling brands

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