Is It Too Early To Write Off Manchester United’s Title Chances?

Personally I think it is. The season is only 12 matches old, there is no team running away with the league, and there is also plenty of room for improvement from Manchester United.

Okay, it’s debatable as too how much United will improve, or can improve with this current squad. It also doesn’t help with Robin Van Persie allegedly carrying an injury or two, or possibly a broken toy box.

Let’s look at the facts though, United are 7 points behind leaders Arsenal, they are maybe relying on Arsenal to slip up to make up those points – which is more than possible.

United are 3 points behind Liverpool, can’t see that being a problem. No matter what, I still expect United to finish above Liverpool.

United are 3 points behind Chelsea. That could be a problem, I expect Chelsea to put a run together at some point. Although they are another up-and-down team.

United are 1 point behind Manchester City. This will be a problem, I expect the team who finishes above City will win the league. City look invincible at home, but their away form is anything but convincing.

With Champions League qualification now sorted, it will be interesting to see if Manuel Pellegrini will now approach City’s away games with less caution.

If City sort out their away form, I can’t see them not winning the league.

United are 1 point behind behind Southampton. With the greatest of respect to Southampton – who are having a great season – I don’t see them finishing above Manchester United this season.

Patrice Evra has come out in the wake of their 5-0 victory in Leverkusen, and said to all the critics to judge his team at the end of the season.

That’s fine, and it was a good win in Germany, but lets get one thing straight, despite being second in the league, Leverkuasen are not the second best side in Germany.

Either way, I still think it is way too early to write Manchester United off, I believe they have just as good a chance of winning the league as Chelsea, and a better one than Liverpool.

Questions still remain about whether Arsenal are the real deal, they are certainly looking it at the moment. And I do think that City are the team to beat.

Looking at the football betting, and United are 7/1, while Chelsea are 7/2. I know which represents better value for money there. Personally, I would have the two teams neck and neck in the betting.


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