William Hill Cash Out Facility

I may be a bit behind the times here, but I’ve noticed in my William Hill account over the last couple of weeks that they now have a cash out facility.

For those not in the know, this is the option to cash your bet in for a profit (assuming your team is winning) before the match has finished.

This seams to be the bookmakers finally waking up and realising that to compete with the betting exchanges, they will perhaps have to offer punters some of the same options we have long taken for granted from Betfair, Betdaq, etc.

This is great news for me in particular, as I generally use my Hill’s account for a bit of speculative betting – allowing me to concentrate my betting bank fully on my Betfair Football Trading.

Will My Account Be Restricted If I Keep On Cashing Out?

I don’t know, that is something I will have to keep an eye on moving forward. At the moment though, it’s working fine for me – but I am not a big gambler with William Hill.

I have read anecdotal evidence of accounts been restricted, but they could also be successful accounts that would have been restricted anyway.

There is a way around this though, and a method I use just in case. Just open yourself a Betfair account (and get a £30.00 Free Bet in the process), and cash out with them instead.

It’s a much better method, as you have differing cash out options, as opposed to just the one with William Hill….. and you are not annoying William Hill in the process, and possibly having your account restricted…… more William Hill Cash Out details are here.

To give a brief explanation of the differing cash out options…. With William Hill, you get one price offer, which is based on giving you an equal return on all three outcomes of the football match you have placed a bet on.

ie, you may have placed £20.00 on Team A to win (pre kick off), and they have now gone 1-0 up. The return from William Hill will be based on giving you the same amount of money back on Team A, whether they win, lose or draw. An even return on all three possible outcomes (ie, £5.00 back on Team A if they win, £5.00 back on Team A if they draw, £5.00 back on Team A if they lose).

With Betfair you can do things differently. Again, assuming Team A have just gone 1-0 up, and you still expect Team A to win, but want to make sure you don’t lose your £20.00 – you can adjust your cash out accordingly.

In this case you can just cash out your bet in a way that allows you to leave no loss on Team A if they only manage to draw or lose. And leave a larger chunk of profit on Team A winning (which after all, was your original bet)… a cash out option you don’t get from William Hill.

It might be broke down something like this, you get £15.00 back if Team A win, nothing back if Team A draw, and nothing back if Team A lose. Or you could adjust the cash out to give you £10.00 back if Team A win, £5.00 back if Team A draw, and nothing if Team A lose.

Put simply, there are more cash out options with Betfair.

There are still plenty of good reason to open a William Hill account these days. They have plenty of live streaming on football, from France, Portugal, Australia and Holland. They also cover Snooker, Cricket, Darts, Tennis, Ice Hockey, just to a name a few. You just need an active account to watch.

You also get the 0-0 Bore Draw refund on correct score and double result bets. There is William Hill Acca Insurance, where if you have a 6 (or more) team accumulator, and only one match lets you down, you will get a free bet to the same value.

And there is also Goal Scorer 2nd Chance, where if your selection for first goalscorer scores the second goal, you will get a refund. (all three refunds come in the form of a free bet, up to a maximum of £50.00).

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2 Responses

  1. Adam says:

    I have heard stories of accounts being limited using the cash out.

  2. That doesn’t surprise me Adam.

    Not sure if other bookies are using Cash Out option, maybe we need it to become the norm with bookmakers, then hopefully certain bookies might be more reluctant to limit accounts so quickly.

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