Telepathic football film: Yorke & Cole vs. Rooney, Wellbeck and Hernandez

A popular activity amongst football fans is to debate whether the star players of their current teams are as good as those that graced teams in the past. The Telepathic Football film by popular sports bet site Bwin actually puts this to the test. It sets up a fascinating challenge between Class of ’99 strikers Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke, and Wayne Rooney, Javier Hernandez and Danny Wellbeck of the present United side. Yorke and Cole talk at the start of the film about the amazing ability they had to read each other’s game, and it is this that provides the basis for the test.

All five players are blindfolded and have to undertake various challenges – such as a crossing and shooting one – designed to see how good their understanding is without being able to see each other. Yorke and Cole prove the Telepathic Football title to be well founded as, for the most part, they pass with ease – but the three 2013 players find things a little more difficult. If you were betting on how they would do, you might expect this, as certainly Rooney and Hernandez in particular have not spent all that much time playing together. Equally Wellbeck has found himself in and out of the United side, whereas Cole and Yorke were an established first-choice partnership – so it is perhaps unfair to judge the current three too harshly.

Indeed from a sports betting point of view, the film will only add to the current debate about the future of these players – especially Hernandez and Rooney – at the club. Clearly they do not want to lose Rooney, but he does want to leave – while there were strong rumours that United were prepared to offload Hernandez during the transfer window. The comparative lack of understanding between the players in the film only underlines the fact that they have been in and out of the side, as United seem unsure of who should partner Van Persie, and will only increase speculation and betting about whether they will leave.

Watch the bwin telepathic video here!

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