Last chance to get Pre Match Trading at Discount Rate

Today (Saturday 31st August) is the last chance to purchase Pre Match Trading at the season long price of £219.00. If you want to get this fantastic offer – until the end of May 2014 – you have to act fast, as it runs out tonight.

If you are comparing this one off price against paying for the service every two weeks, this offer amounts to a discount of over 33%.

This price will get you access to all the usual members privileges, including the email alerts, access to the chat room, Draw Inflation, and the Prematchtrading tool.

Every week I have used the service, ‘Ads’ (Adam Ersser) has been in the chat room on Saturday afternoon answering questions from members, and helping them better understand the system.

Every Saturday and Sunday of the Premier League season so far this season I have received the email alert advising me of the safe trades for that day.

A major plus point I have discovered about the emails, is that on the one occasion the original advice in the email changed (due to a significant price movement in a corresponding market), the guys emailed out an update immediately, advising of the change.

This email effectively summed up in a nutshell how the system works. A price movement in a (different) significant market alerted those in the know at prematchtrading that the advised bet needed to change, as movement in this particular market influences the way all the other markets behaves.

It is the fact that the guys have the decency to follow up their emails with changes in circumstances that I like, and shows that it isn’t just an ‘all-take’ service. The initial emails all point out the signs to watch out for when placing bets, so prematchtrading could argue their job is done.

The fact that they go that extra little distance says a lot too me.

For a last chance to get this discount price, please click here. After today this price will be gone, and it will be back to the standard charges.

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