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Manchester City seem to have come out of the weekend as the big winners in the betting as they now are favourites on their own to be the champions this season.

City were basically neck and neck with Manchester United and Chelsea before a ball was kicked, but their 4-0 demolition of Newcastle United on Monday night seems to have gone down as the most impressive result of the weekend.

From what I seen of the three matches, they all looked like glorified training sessions for the big three. They all won at a canter, and none of them ever looked to be in top gear. I actually though Chelsea looked the most comfortable, but I think their opponents have to be taken into consideration, as Hull – Tigers, or City, or whatever they are – were the weakest of the three opponents.

Ironically enough, Manchester United looked to have the most difficult fixture away at Swansea, and despite winning it 4-1, they now find themselves as third favourites.

At the moment Bet365 have Manchester City at 2.75, Chelsea at 3.00, and Manchester United are 4.00.

For United to drop out to 3/1 third favourites on the back of an impressive 4-1 win at Swansea is surprising and a bit baffling. Then again, if the football gambling community are expecting Wayne Rooney to be sold to Chelsea, that could be a big factor in this price.

It’s difficult placing a league winner bet at the moment. No one knows who will be at Old Trafford at the end of the transfer window, and I believe the odds currently reflect that. The only team that looks to have definitely finished their business is Manchester City, and I see Chelsea only being interested in Rooney.

Another factor why United’s price is longer could be that punters aren’t too impressed with David Moyes (so far).

Moyes seems to have been setting himself up for a fall with his transfer activity. I can’t see what’s going on with the Cesc Fabregas move, all the signs are that Fabregas isn’t going to move, so it’s probably going to look like a second snub after he missed out on Thiago Alcantara who moved to Bayern Munich.

I believe Moyes could be leaving himself open for a right shoeing off the media if United stutter over the coming few weeks. Not only will he get a good kicking over form, but also on missing out on Alcantara and (probably) Fabregas, and his handling of the Rooney situation. Knowing the press, they already have their pens ready.

This is one of the reasons why I find the Fabregas pursuit strange. Surely Fabregas should have been sounded out already? If he hasn’t been, this is a big mistake by Moyes, and will make him look amateurish.

A lot of this sort of business is generally done behind closed doors. Players make it clear they wish to sign before bids are made, I’m not convinced that has been done with Fabregas, while I believe Rooney has made it clear he is happy to sign for Chelsea.

Then again, maybe Fabregas has been sounded out, and he has made it clear he wants to come to United. And Rooney may still be at Old Trafford at the end of the transfer window, and Moyes will have played a blinder. The next 11 days or so will tell us one way or another. And only then do I believe we will see a genuine price on Manchester United.

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