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Any regular readers of this website will know that I spent the whole of last season trading the Over/Under 2.5 goals market pre match, using my own method.

This season I have decided to give the subscription service, a go. I’ve joined it for a couple of reasons really. First, I’ve always been curious to see if it as good as it is supposed to be – and secondly, I wanted to see if there was anything I could learn to compliment my own trading.

As advised, I received my email on Saturday morning (there was another one on Sunday). It had advice about 4 premier league matches, all concerned certain scores in the correct score markets. One of the games the email advised was Liverpool V Stoke, it advised that 1-0 looks ok to back at 8.0, with the caveat, that if circumstances (certain markets) change, don’t trade. Circumstances didn’t change in the build up, and as the email said, 1-0 did get backed in allowing a trade.

All in all I followed the advised trades in three of the matches (there were 4 matches advised), and on all three occasions the market behaved in the way the email predicted.

The way the email system appears to work is that it advises you to trade a particular score, using fairly large stakes (I’d say you would need a minimum of £100.00) you trade a tick or two at a time, ie, you’d back 1-0 at 8.0, and lay at 7.6 or 7.8, and then maybe go back in again.

You would then have the option of spreading your green across all scores, or using it to trade in match, or just leaving it as a free bet. Personally, I would always green up across the board, picking out a correct score is never easy.

This is why I would need stakes of £100.00 and/or more. I would be greening up across the board, so to have any chance of making any money after subscription, I would need to be making at the very least £5.00 a match.

Using £100.00 stakes, a back at 8.0 and a lay at 7.8 would give me just over £2.40 green across all scores. So using stakes of around £250.00 would probably be the best option, as it would get the £5.00 done in one trade. And then if the option was there to go back in once more, I would be in the position of making a weeks subscription in one match.

The system costs £20.00 for 14 days (it is cheaper if you purchase a longer period of time), basically a maximum of £10.00 a week. As the example above shows, you could make that one week’s subscription money a match if you use stakes of £250.00, so it should pay for itself quite comfortably.

I would recommend getting if for a month (£39.00), and seeing how you get on with it. It may take a couple of weeks to feel comfortable using the methods, so a month would give you time to use it properly and see if it’s the system for you.

On Sunday I tried out the main reason I joined the service, the pre match trading (PMT) tool. I used it on the Barcelona V Levante match to trade the Over/Under 3.5 goals market. Under 3.5 goals was trading at around 2.50 – 2.52, the PMT tool was telling me it should be trading at 2.58. I matched a lay bet at 2.52, and sure enough about 5 minutes before kick off, Under 3.5 goals was trading at 2.56 – 2.58 (I got out at 2.56).

I also followed the chat room on Saturday afternoon, and that looks very informative. A chap called Ads, one of the systems owners, was in there giving out helpful advice most of Saturday afternoon. It’s good that you can actually chat to one of the owners and pick up first hand advice from him.

For me though, the PMT tool looks bloody good. It is especially helpful for my trading method as I do the Over/Under 2.5 goals market. The PMT tool (software) tells me where the price of the market should be, compared to where it is.

For example, if Over 2.5 goals is trading at 2.02 on Betfair, the tool tells me this, but the jewel in the crown is that it tells me what the price should be (based on all the collective markets on the match), so it may tell me that the current price is correct, or it may tell me that the price should be 2.06, so on that basis I would know to lay 2.02. It basically picks out any misalignments in the price, allowing me to take advantage of it.

So far for me, looks value for money. The emails look good, they are easy to understand, and the advice seems accurate. There is a helpful chat room, and the PMT tool works out what the true odds should be on every big match across Europe. So far so good as far as I am concerned, I am very happy with my purchase.

For more information, or too purchase PMT, please click here…..

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