Latest Assured Soccer Profit Results

6 April Reading v Southampton / Correct Score – Won 95p
6 April Leverkusen v Wolfsburg / Correct Score – Won £4.14
6 April Watford v Cardiff / Correct Score – LOST £4.61
6 April Deportivo v Zaragoza / Correct Score – LOST £2.37
7 April QPR v Wigan / Correct Score – Won £1.36
13 April Leeds v Sheff Wed / Correct Score – Won £2.39
13 April Ajaccio v Nancy / Correct Score – Won £2.83
13 April Malaga v Osasuna / Correct Score – Won 46p
14 April Torino v Roma / Correct Score – Won £3.61
14 April Newells v Tigre / Correct Score – Won £2.26

Profit of £11.02

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So far in April I’ve had a good run trading football using the Assured Soccer Profits system.

I’m definitely feeling more comfortable using this system than I ever have before. I have a plan for an exit strategy at half time if needed, and I also have an exit point that I use when/if things go wrong.

I’m not going beyond £25.00 liability a game, so unless there is extreme circumstances my maximum loss should only be around £5.00. I’m aiming to win around £2.00 – £3.00 a game if possible, this gives me a manageable win/loss ratio.

Like with most of my trading these days, I’m keeping my liability down to a strict minimum while I try to familiarise myself with the intricacies of that system. This means that unlike in the past, I can learn a system without blasting a load of cash while I don’t really know or fully understand what I am doing. And as a result of this, I’ve usually dumped that system without giving it a proper go.

I also find trading with comfortable amounts of money leads to more rational decision making if things start to go wrong. If I’m not panicking about losing, I tend to make more sensible decisions.

If using the system works over a sustained period of time, I will then up my stakes.

Anyone can read a manual or watch a video, as I have done with Assured Soccer Profits, but it takes time to fully understand how to implement that system properly.

At the moment I’m not making vast sums of money. Of the 11 games listed above, I’ve only made £1.10 a match on average, but it’s like all things, multiply it by a couple and so on and so on, etc.

Along with the pre match trading, I’m also finding using this system is helping me to develop a mindset that is thinking long term. When I traded this system a couple of years back, I expected to make money with every game. I now have no problem scratching out a game and moving onto the next one.

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