Betting on the MLS and which teams will come on top of the league

MLS Betting is becoming a big industry, so who might be the main players in the 2013 season?

What Is the MLS?

MLS or Major League Soccer is the North American version of the League though with one important difference: teams cannot be promoted to it or indeed relegated from it.

The 2013 MLS season will run throughout most of the year, from March to Decembee. Each of the 19 teams in the league plays a total of 34 games.

At the end of the regular season there is a series of playoffs during which each of the top ten teams compete for the coveted MLS cup.

LA Galaxy, David Beckham’s old team, won the MLS Cup in 2012. This was a repeat of the success of 2011. Even without Beckham playing the team is looking powerful.

And it will be even more so should the rumoured transfer of Frank Lampard to it actually occur. However, until the bookmakers start posting betting odds for the forthcoming 2013 MLS season it is difficult to get an overview as to where the land lies.

The various drafts are over, the teams are in training and are playing the occasional exhibition match. The Walt Disney World professional Soccer Classic did provide the opportunity to get a glimpse of some of this year’s young guns.

Bored of waiting for the 2013 MLS season to start?

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The 2010 football world cup was the inspiration behind the idea for the game.

You might even try your luck at roulette and blackjack while you are there, but check back soon for some MLS betting odds

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