Assured Soccer Profits Update

17 March Boca Juniors v Argentinos Juniors – Won £1.95
30 March West Ham v West Brom – Won £2.33
31 March Aston Villa v Liverpool – Won £3.20
31 March Mallorca v Deportivo – Lost £5.68
31 March Atl Madrid v Valencia – Won £3.32
31 March Oeste V Santos – Won £1.25

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Over the last few weeks I have been getting back into doing a bit of Assured Soccer Profits trading again. Like with a lot of my previous football gambling or/and trading, I was guilty of over kill when I previously traded using this system. And as a result, discipline went and judgement got clouded, and I ended up jacking it in, even though I was in profit using the system.

Like with my pre kick off trading lately, I can get carried away. In the past when this happened, I may have had a go at winning a loss or two back in one go. What this usually led too was me abandoning a staking plan of say £10.00 (ie) a match, that I may have traded the last 10-15 matches with, and having a one off £100.00 on a game – and yes, usually losing.

I’ve now started using the system again, with disciplined level stakes, and only on selected matches. Another problem in the past, was that it was the only system I was using. So again, I could get bored and lose discipline.

Of the six matches I traded (listed above), I won on five and lost on one. Remarkably on the one match I did lose on – the Mallorca match – I didn’t follow the system properly. It’s not a system that is set in stone and I believe that taking the decision to accept an across the board loss (as I did) – as opposed to laying one score and maybe scoring a big win, or a big loss – was the best option.

I figured that I would prefer to win modest, and when a lose comes – make sure it is modest one.

As it turned out Mallorca got a late goal and I would have been quids in had I followed the system as advised. I have in the past followed that path though, and when the late goal didn’t arrive, or the wrong team scored it, I have lost big. That’s why I prefer my ‘even it out’ loss method.

Over time I believe either method would probably work out the same, but it’s what suits the individual, and there is nothing like a large loss for putting me off a system, and leading to stupid mistakes trying to win it back.

Losing big can lead to stupid irrational decisions, and I feel that adopting the long term strategy of small wins outweighing small losses is better. It is certainly the mindset that suits me anyway.

I also looked at trading the Hull V Watford game on Tuesday, as I thought it was ideal for this fixture. As it turned out it was ideal, with a goal coming at the right time. Only problem was I couldn’t get my bet on as there was a problem with Betfair. And when the situation had cleared up, the (potential) value had gone due to the price movements.

Anyway, it has been an enjoyable return to trading Assured Soccer Profits, I will keep it up this time and keep on posting my results as I go along.


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