Pre Match Trading – Week 30 Results

22 March FYR Macedonia v Belgium / Match Odds – Won £3.28
23 March Portsmouth v Coventry / Match Odds – Won £1.27

A week’s online football trading profit of £4.55

Total Pre Match Trading profits to date is £182.13. My football betting bank now stands at £282.13 I started off the experiment with a betting bank of £100.00 and use around 75% of my available bank on my trades, which are all done pre match using Betfair.

Just the two matches traded this week, again my attentions were more on Test Match Betting.

With the Macedonia V Belgium match I concentrated on the Match Odds market and the Belgium price. Belgium were trading at around 1.71-1.72 on Wednesday, so I put a back bet up at 1.74 and my lay bet up at 1.65.

To be honest I didn’t expect the lay bet to get matched, but I did expect Belgium to (eventually) get backed in.

Working on this theory I didn’t want to lay Belgium at 1.70 and then check back to find it had been matched and that their back price was 1.68 or lower (for example). I was basing my bets on the opinion that they may slightly drift out to 1.74 and then maybe come back in to around 1.70, where the price would settle.

I kept checking back and there was no real movement in the price. Then on Friday morning I looked to see that my 1.74 had been matched, and that Belgium were available to lay at 1.68. So I took the lay price there and then and completed my trade.

A week or two back I would have tried to be too smart and put my lay bet up at 1.67, to try and make more. That would have led to me risking the prospect of the price not getting matched and Belgium drifting back out again. A couple of weeks back I would also probably have got back involved in the trade again.

Thankfully I walked away this time. Is this the best way forward now? I’m not sure, but it is the method I plan to adopt for the foreseeable future to see how it goes.

I will also be looking at other football gambling options moving forward. I have done a couple of Assured Soccer Profits trades lately that I will write about, and I have been working on a new staking plan that is nearly ready to go.

With my new staking plan I will go into more details very soon and I be listing all for my football bets on here before I place them. For anyone wishing to follow, don’t worry if my dodgy selections aren’t up to scratch, as other free football betting tips can be used. It’s a staking system that you will be able to use your own selections with.

I expect the football trading to pick up again this week, as the Test cricket has finished for a while now. So there should be more results to analyse next week.

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