Pre Match Trading – Week 27 Results

25 February West Ham v Tottenham / Match Odds – Won £3.34
26 February Bologna v Fiorentina / Match Odds – Won £2.10
26 February Everton v Oldham / Over/Under 2.5 Goals – LOST £1.45
26 February Barcelona v Real Madrid / Over/Under 2.5 Goals – Won £1.51
27 February Middlesbrough v Chelsea / Match Odds – Won £1.84
27 February Sevilla v Atl Madrid / Over/Under 2.5 Goals – Won £1.22
1 March Wolves v Watford / Match Odds – Won £7.51
2 March Stoke v West Ham / Match Odds – LOST £8.05

A week’s online football trading profit of £8.02

Total Pre Match Trading profits to date is £168.48. My football betting bank now stands at £268.48 I started off the experiment with a betting bank of £100.00 and use around 75% of my available bank on my trades, which are all done pre match using Betfair.

I switched to trading the Match Odds market a bit more this week, I did this because if I was to start trading with a grand or so, I would need to trade more liquid markets than I currently do so.

Didn’t take long for me to realise that I’m trying to run before I can walk, as I’m miles away from trading with a grand.

Anyway, results pretty much the same as previous weeks. Apologies for the lateness of this blog post.

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