Arsenal V Bayern Munich, Trading Frustration

More frustration on Tuesday with my trade on the Arsenal V Bayern Munich match.

I placed a £200.00 back at 2.08 and a £200.00 lay at 2.04 on Monday night, I awoke on Tuesday to see both had been matched and that I had a nice £4.00 green (approximately) on all sides of the trade.

At the time Bayern were trading at between 2.02 and 2.04, so I thought I could just keep ticking this over and make a few more quid. I then managed to up my green to approximately £6.00 all round with a couple more trades.

At this stage I thought I could just keep going like this, that it was easy money. Wrong!!!

I then got a lay matched at 2.02 and was waiting for my back to get matched. I checked back about 45 minutes later to see my back hadn’t been matched and that Bayern were now trading at 1.94. How the hell did that happen?

I later heard that Arsenal had a couple of injury doubts in defence, so maybe word got out that someone wasn’t likely to make it? I also checked the odds at for a guide, and they hadn’t shown any significant movement, so I’m not 100% sure what caused it.

I left a back up at 1.99 which (if matched) would have left me roughly £1.00 green, and went to work. I got back at about 7pm to see it had been matched, so I then had the decision… do I leave it, or do I try and get back to somewhere near my £6 green?

Something told me I had got out of jail and too leave it. So in keeping with recent lacks of discipline, I decided against my better instinct to get involved again.

I put a back up at 2.02 and a lay at 2.00. Almost immediately the lay got matched and the price crashed to 1.95, I ended up losing £5.98 and getting the week off to a crap start. Another costly lack of discipline.

It’s very frustrating as I now will be spending the week trying to get back to scratch. And the worst thing is that my instinct told me not too get involved again, but I couldn’t help myself. Football betting just does these things too us.

Hopefully this will be a turning point?

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2 Responses

  1. Bob Mcrob says:

    Don’t really understand where there value is coming from your bets – that’s why you’re losing, not because of a lack of discipline.

  2. Hi Bob,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Are you looking at the one trade in isolation? If you are, yes, I understand it doesn’t appear to offer great value.

    But I’m attempting to make a couple of quid (0.5-1%) a trade over time, without actually worrying about who wins the game. Over time I believe/hope that this does offer value.

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