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Above I have posted a screenshot I forgot I had saved from last weekend’s match between Tottenham and Manchester United (click on the screenshot to view it in full). It was the Sky 4pm kick off on Sunday, and as you can see by the times, I was out of the trade by 3.10pm.

It is also clear to see that there was a big shift in the odds between me getting out of the trade at 3.10pm, and the time the screenshot was taken at around 3.45pm.

I had already moved onto another trade by this time, so hadn’t been following things, but I can only imagine that the price swing was down to the official announcement of the teams.

If you could have been on the right side of the trade ahead of the team announcement, you would be laughing, but if you called it wrong, you would be looking at a costly loss. This is why I like to have completed all my football trading around 45 minutes to an hour before kick off (basically before the teams are officially announced).

Although after the teams are announced, if I think there is an opportunity for some profits, I will sometimes go back in after I believe the market has settled.

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