Swansea V Chelsea Pre Match Trade

Trading Over/Under 2.5 GoalsI’ve taken a screenshot of a pre match trade I did for Wednesday night’s ball boy gate, Capital One Cup match between Swansea and Chelsea.

As you can see there is a variety of different trades on both sides of the market (you need to click on the screenshot twice to view it properly). I put up a lay of both Over and Under 2.5 Goals before I went to bed on Tuesday night, and when I got up both had been matched.

I then put up some more lays during Wednesday morning, all got matched allowing me to green up. I then went out for 20 minutes and when I came back and looked at the market, I noticed that Over 2.5 goals had got backed in quite a few ticks. Luckily for me I was out of the trade before this happened.

Why did it happen? I haven’t got a clue, and this all happened before 12 noon in the day, nearly 8 hours before kick off. I’m as stumped as anyone, as to why.

The only thing I can think off, is I did suspect that at 1.76, Over 2.5 goals had drifted as far as it was likely to go, and there was only really one way the price could go from there. But it is strange, and just goes to show how this market can behave.

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