Free Bets for Matched Betting

There are hundreds, even thousands of pounds worth of free bets out there and nearly all of them can be used for matched betting. Free bets can come in different forms, there is the reasonably straight forward free matched bet, the first deposit match up, and the free bet only if your first bet loses.

The difference in all these free bets is fairly simple, but consequently it can be a touch more difficult when it comes to how matched betting works.

In this blog post I’m going to concentrate on the free bets which are matched betting friendly, as they are the best ones to start with (I’ll write about the one’s that are less easy to use in another post).

The free bets I am writing about here are known as free matched bets. This is where the online bookmakers will give you a free bet for the same value of your first (qualifying) bet, whether that first bet wins, loses or draws. It is simply a free bet that mirrors your first bet, up to a maximum amount (ie £50.00).

There is none of this first deposit match up, or we’ll give you a free bet only if your first bet loses, etc….. which some online bookmakers offer (and in my view, these are the less friendly matched betting free bets).

Here are the online bookmakers who offer the easier to use matched betting friendly, free bets that you should start with……

Totesport – £10.00 Free Bet
Stan James – £10.00 Free Bet
Boylesports – £20.00 Free Bet
William Hill – £25.00 Free Bet
BetVictor – £25.00 Free Bet
Blue Sq – £25.00 Free Bet
Corbett Sports – £30.00 Free Bet
Coral – £50.00 Free Bet
Paddy Power – £50.00 Free Bet
Ladbrokes – £50.00 Free Bet
Betfred – £50.00 Free Bet

With these free bets you simply place your first/qualifying bet and then lay it on a betting exchange to ensure you don’t lose (I use Betfair). You then use your free bet and lay a percentage of it on a betting exchange to ensure a guaranteed profit – no matter what happens (here, you can find more details of how matched betting works).

In my view these are by far the easiest free bets to cash in, and are the best free bets to start with if you are new to matched betting, or starting with a small to moderate sized betting bank.

I would suggest starting with Totesport, basically starting with the smallest free bet first, and then working your way down the list.

That way if you are new to matched betting, you are not risking a large amount of money while you are getting familiarised with what you are doing. (If you are new to matched betting, I would suggest you first read my article what is matched betting?)

While if you have a smallish betting bank, you will only be able to cash in the smaller free bets to start with, but while you are doing this you are building up your bank, which will enable you to cash in the larger the free bets further down the line.

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