Pre Match Trading – Week 16 Results

15th December Newcastle v Man City / Over/Under 2.5 Goals – Won 37p
15th December Man Utd v Sunderland / Over/Under 3.5 Goals – Won £4.08
15th December Barnsley v Sheff Wed / Over/Under 2.5 Goals – Lost £6.61
16th December Tottenham v Swansea / Over/Under 2.5 Goals – Won £2.20
16th December Barcelona v Atl Madrid / Over/Under 3.5 Goals – Won £4.60

A week’s football online trading profit of £4.64

Total Pre Match Trading profits to date is £117.33. My betting bank now stands at £217.33, I started off the experiment with a football betting bank of £100.00 and use around 75% of my available bank on my trades, which are all done pre match using Betfair.

Another disappointing week’s Pre Match Trading, but on the positive side it was another week without recording a football trading loss.

I’ve basically been too busy lately to commit the time needed to football trading. I haven’t been getting in from work until late in the evenings, so I don’t get the chance to trade the midweek games. And at the weekends, I have been in and out of the house too much to find the time to sit down and get stuck in to a decent day’s trading.

I’ve said it before, that I need to do this trading properly, not half hearted. So although I’m disappointed with my results, I should be happy with my discipline, as instead of trading half hearted, I am hardly trading at all.

The heavy loss (percentage wise) in the Barnsley V Sheff Wed game is a prime example of a half hearted trade. I got involved late, hadn’t studied the market for any period of time, and as a result I got stung.

Yes, trades can go wrong when I have took time and studied the market, and trades have come good where I have got involved at the last minute without studying the market. So in a way it is swings and roundabouts, but I want to try and iron these deficiencies out of my trading, as I imagine in the long run they will cost me more than they will win me.

On top of these pre match trades, I did do an Assured Soccer Profits trade making £1.47 trading the match between Sunderland and Reading on December 11th. More information about Assured Soccer Profits can be found here….


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