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A couple of weeks back I wrote about how I was going to start a trading experiment using the Assured Soccer Profits system again now that I believe I have the required patience and discipline to use the football trading system properly.

Here are my results to date…..

18 November Millwall V Leeds – Won 19p
18 November Celta Vigo V Mallorca – Won 9p
18 November Fulham v Sunderland – Won 62p
18 November Getafe v Valladolid – Won £1.90
20 November Valencia v B Munich – Won 47p
21 November Anderlecht v AC Milan – Won 24p
24 November Everton v Norwich – Won 22p
24 November Malaga v Valencia – Won £3.61

Before I go on, I want to make it clear that this is an experiment using small stakes (£25.00 was my maximum liability on all matches) to see how I get on. If after a while (25 traded matches or so) I am seeing a winning pattern emerging, I will most probably up the stakes.

The system is designed to work in the long run, picking up small profits over a sustained period. It is not a get rich quick scheme, it is playing the long game, so patience and discipline are required.

Of all the matches I picked to trade, only one of them actually won. The others (apart from Getafe) I traded out of in the textbook fashion, to ensure I didn’t lose. The fact that I won a few pence on them all is irrelevant really (well ok, no green is irrelevant I suppose), the relevant fact is that I didn’t lose.

This is where I have gone wrong in the past. I believe the first rule of this method is not too lose. If I trade out when I am supposed too, in the long run, I should win (at least, that’s what I keep telling myself).

As the Getafe match shows, I’m still fallible to the odd bout of indiscipline. In fairness to myself I only stood to lose just under £6.00 if the trade had gone wrong (I had long since covered my £25.00 starting liability), but that is still approximately 25% of my initial outlay, which as a percentage (with regard to the experiment) is probably too high (obviously £6.00 isn’t).

I played it safe in all the other games, probably a bit too safe in some of them. Funnily enough I traded out of the Fulham game very early on as I was worried that an early Fulham goal might see Sunderland’s – already fragile – confidence disintegrate even further, and see them get hammered. As it turned out it was Sunderland that did the bulk of the scoring.

In the Celta Vigo game I entered the trade late (it was (0-1), I then traded out for a scratch trade about 5 minutes before Celta equalised. I also traded out in the Anderlecht game a couple of minutes before a goal, so I was very unlucky in a couple of the games.

In the end I got a text book win with in the Malaga match. I got my early goal to ensure a profit, I waited a while before I greened up the rest of my position, and thankfully I did, as Malaga went on to put 4 past Valencia. Hopefully this win will kick start a good run.

In conclusion, it has been a slow and at times frustrating experiment, but in general I’ve been using the system properly, and at least I haven’t seen a loss yet. Maybe I could be a little less cautious moving forward, I don’t know, but for the time being I’m going to stick to the current plan.

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More updates will follow, here is a list of my previous Assured Soccer Profits‘ trading results.


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