Football Trading

Football trading or football betting? Is there a difference, and if yes, then what is the difference?

I believe there is a difference. I also believe that there are many different variations of football trading.

For example I trade using a pre match trading method of my own. I have previously, and am again going to be trading using the Assured Soccer Profits football trading system as well. I’ve also known of others (and have tried it at times myself) who have traded by laying the draw, or have traded the Over/Under 2.5 goals market in running, or Over/Under 1.5 or 3.5 goals.

The main difference between football trading and football betting in my view is with trading you have an exit point, a point that once you hit it, you cut your losses and walk away. Football traders may also take out insurance, or hedge their bets more. They won’t break their bank (or at least they shouldn’t).

While betting is just putting your money on a team or an outcome and hoping it wins. Speculative betting or backing an accumulator, etc.

Obviously you can still lose money trading, but it will be a pre determined amount that you won’t go beyond. Without wishing to contradict myself, I suppose you could have a disciplined trading strategy for betting on football online as well. Where you allow yourself a certain amount to bet on outcomes of certain criteria, ie, 5% of betting bank on Even money shots.

I suppose this could be classed as disciplined football betting, as opposed to mug punting (something else I unfortunately have qualifications in).

I used to trade football in a number of (indisciplined) different ways. Sometimes I would back Over 1.5 or 2.5 goals in a 0-0 game at a point where one goal would see a massive swing in the price. If the goal came along (which invariably it didn’t) I would trade out.

When the goal didn’t come I would take a hit, I’m not sure if there was any mileage in that method as I never really executed it in a disciplined manner, I never had the patience to wait for the right matches, and never kept any records.

I’ve also traded the AUQ score in games that involve sides like Manchester United, Barcelona or Real Madrid. In these instances I believe I probably picked the right matches to trade, but I probably didn’t wait until the right point of the match to get involved. Instead choosing to get involved way too early and with no pre designed entry point to the trade.

As I am writing this post about football trading it is becoming clear to me that you can bet or trade, but there are key components you must have. And those components are to have a plan, very good discipline and plenty of patience. Without these I think any would be trader is doomed to fail.

For my own part I am going to continue to trade online using my own methods. My own variation of pre match trading is showing good potential and I am making a small amount every week. I’ve never had a run of winning weeks that ran into double figures. This is a variation of football trading I am planning on sticking with.

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  1. Jaco says:


    Please can you email me. I would like to ask you some question on the Pre match trading and the pre match trading method of my own.

    Thank you

  2. Hi Jaco,

    No problem, I will email over the weekend.


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